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  • Mapping Your Future

  • When it comes to higher education, you should ask yourself a familiar question.
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  • Choosing a degree course

  • When choosing a degree course you need to make sure it is the right one for you.
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  • Choosing the right university

  • It is time to find a university that provides your course at where you want to study.
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  • UCAS Applications

  • Applying to university can seem quite daunting, especially if you don't know UCAS.
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  • Clearing gives the opportunity to gain a place a course that is available.

Student News


What to expect from a degree

University will be a big change for many students who have just completed their A-Levels or BTEC courses; and even though you had a selected amount of independent…

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Fresher’s guide: The first two weeks

If you are anxious about starting university and what Fresher’s week will be like for first year students, this is the guide that you need to know about!

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How to survive Fresher’s week

Fresher’s week will be full of events, meeting new people and nights out. You will go out during the time that you are at university, but Fresher’s week is usually full of more drinking and going out…


People you’ll meet on a night out at university

Whether it is Fresher’s week or you have been there a few months – you’ll meet the same types of people on a night out at university, and here is the list!


How to meet people during Fresher’s Week

When you arrive at university and start unpacking your room, the best thing that you can do is to start meeting people straight away! There will be hundreds and maybe even thousands of people attending your university…


Universities and entry requirements

A good place to start when comparing university courses is to look at the entry requirements, they can help you differentiate between the courses and the choose right one for you.

Entry requirements are also an indicator…


The people you’re going to hate at Halls

Moving away from home and into your own room/dorm is going to be one of the best things about university, however, you will be with a handful of people randomly selected to live there with you and its…


5 ways to stay safe during Fresher’s

The new term is just around the corner, and even though you can’t wait to pack, unpack, and get started with the new chapter in your life, you need to look after yourself and stay safe during…


Should you go on a gap year?

A gap year can tempt a lot of students when thinking about whether they should go onto higher education, or if they are feeling unsure on what they want to study at university. Gap years can change…


What about a student Internship?

Internships are great for students as they usually don’t require a significant amount of dedication or responsibility for a long period of time, like jobs or a career, however, it can be hard to know when you…


The stages of Fresher’s Flu

Fresher’s Flu is the only downside to your first few weeks at university, not every student gets Fresher’s Flu, however, with the drinking, partying and take away’s, you may find that it will creep up on you, here…


Bad choices every student makes during their degree

When you first found out that you were going to university, you may have read all of the books, researched every aspect and looked at all of the websites to prepare yourself for this new start in…


Settle into student life

Studying at university will be entirely different to any other education you have been apart of, such as, A-Levels and GCSE. Even if you attended an independent institution, student life is a little bit different to anything…


First years: What you’ll love about Halls

University is much more than just learning something new, it is an entire lifestyle change and a big chapter in every student’s life. Moving out and away to university is a big step, and even though it…


University Compare iPhone App

The new University Compare app has just made applying to university and Clearing that much easier. With hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses at your fingertips, your career path is one step closer and within reach.

It has…


Budgeting for First Years

University is expensive. The books, food shopping and bills are a lot to handle all at once, especially when this is the first time most students have moved out of home, however, we have some great tips…


What first years love about university

University is going to be a fantastic experience, and you’re going to make so many memories that you’ll speak fondly of for years to come, but, we do have a selection of things that you are going to…