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Student News

Discover articles about finance, uni expectations, UCAS and more

Some useful resources to help you with university. We’ve got some useful resources on everything from Clearing, Fresher’s Week, Higher Education News, some help with employment and we’ve even got some articles for you to look at when you’re looking to kill some time. The information here is all designed to help you to have a better understanding of life before, during and after university and how best to benefit yourself. Keeping you up-to-date with all the Student News you need to know!

This is a comprehensive collection of all of the articles that we have on our site that are related to Student News. This is where you can see everything that we’ve written all in one place! You’ll be able to have your questions answered and also some questions that you may not have thought of, so jump in!

Student Diary: The first day at university

This was it. The day of reckoning. D-day. Moving day. The day would bring excitement, stress and a few…

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Here you will find everything related to Clearing, everything that you need to know and everything that you may not have thought about before. Take a look here to learn about how UCAS points are used, how they are implemented by universities and how they affect you and everything else in between.

UCAS deadlines 2016

Important UCAS and application dates for prospective students are hoping to apply to university during this academic year. Now…

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Here you’ll see everything that you need to survive fresher’s week, you’ll see what you need when you\'re in fresher’s week, how to make friends, how to have the best time and everything that you need to really enjoy fresher’s week.

Fresher’s week: Drink. Eat. Rave. Repeat

Thousands of first year undergraduates are packing and preparing themselves for Fresher’s week. The weirdest and most…

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Here you can learn all about the working world and what to expect and the best ways for you to enter it. Here you can gain interview tips and you can also learn more and more about the ways to look better for employers and how to ace any interview!

10 creative ways to get a graduate job

The early months of the year tend to get third year students and graduates feeling worried, anxious and determined…

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The Student Finance section is made up of a number of different sections that follow everything from your student loans through to keeping your budget in place and also how to manage those student loan repayments and the like.

What you’re really going to spend student loans on

How students spend student loans differs from each individual – although the thought…

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This section is everything that doesn’t fit into a specific category. Here you can see all of the undefined articles that can help you with things that you may not think to ask when you\'re applying to university or when you\'re getting yourself a job!

Best University Pranks of All Time

Be prepared to some of the best university pranks of all time, prepare yourself freshers, this is everything that…

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