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Canterbury Christ Church University

Phone Number01227 767700
Postal Address St. Georges Place , Canterbury , Kent , CT1 1UT

Ranked #10 out of 263 Institutes (Total : 8 Reviews)

(8) raters, average: 4.16 out of 5)
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Reviews for this Institute

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Review #1
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"Overall, A Very Happy Student "

By: Cougars

So happy with my choice of this university. Oh, and when it comes to your course first years beware! You will be forced to buy a lot of books that don’t really make sense at this stage, it’s expensive. So just think about that before you spunk your loan.The rooms here are very basic but its perfect for what I need, campus comes with free Wifi, always a plus!

There is quite a lot of choice when it comes to societies and sports there are skills levels, as the teams are broken down into 1st, 2nds 3rds etc, so even if you are new to the game there will be a team for you. Realistically, its a place your going to love, highly recommend that you come here!

Reply to Cougars

Review #2
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

""Very Underestimated Uni"  "

By: chaz118BSc Geography

Great University in an even better city. The Uni accommodation was fairly good comparing I was the cheapest halls with the only problem being the paper thin walls that allowed for many interesting nights. Being close to the club and library was always a bonus too.
The majority of lectures and seminars were very good and helped during my first year. Its fairly hard to keep up with the reading but this isn't really necessary during your first year. I would say that sometimes the lectures can be dull but are really worth it if you want to get ahead of coursework etc.
Me being in a sports team was one of the best choices of my first year as it pretty much makes first year so much more fun with consistent training, competition, socials and trips away, for example me and the athletics team went to Scotland for the University cross country champs. Societies are also great at this uni as there's so much choice from the History society to the paintball society.
The nightlife in town is great with so much choice, there being literally a pub every 50 meters in the town centre. Most days the pubs, clubs and bars are packed full of students especially wednesday, thursday, friday. Saturdays are usually a no go as the nightlife is mainly local centered and a bit boring. I would recommend club chemistry as a great first club. The cuban and chill are fairly good but can get really packed sometimes. The pubs offer some great student nights as well as the SU with variety nights, cheap drinks and events. The live music scene is pretty good in Canterbury with a few festivals in the year and many pubs and small concerts.

Reply to chaz118

Review #3
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"History BA "

By: Natachawillis197. BA (Hons) History (Single Honours)

Making History the compulsory module is awful but other than that a great course. It was different as theres so much freedom and the environment is so relaxed to.

I was happy where i lived, i met amazing people from different courses and different life styles than my own. First year is great in uni accommodation as there is so much fun to have.
Living next to the main club was great too.

Canterbury City is amazing, especially for those interested in history there is so much history in Canterbury. The night life is great, the clubs are all different and have their own quirks.

Library is way away from the university which is annoying but first year it wasn't as i lived right near it and 10mins from the uni. but those who didn't live near the library were inconvenienced every time they wanted to use it.

there are many clubs and societies. i didn't join any but wish i had. next year i am going to join a sports club which will be good. it will be nice to meet new people

The SU is great and offers a lot. Drinks cheap so great for a night out if you live near the uni before you go to a club. Always something going on too. Live acts are always good and if not they are funny which makes them great

Reply to Natachawillis

Review #4
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"Sports and Exercise Science "

By: Jademccarthh789. BA/BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science with American Studies (With a Year in USA)

This course is very lecture based but you get get given so much information its fantastic

There are a few clubs and lots of pubs in the area with a great shopping area also in the small beautiful city. There are also gorgeous parks with rivers running through the middle and during the summer you can take toured river boat trips.

The university has lots to offer and there is a small university shop to get your stationary needs, as well as a new library opening this new academic year, with all the things you need and a new sport centre is also opening (this is also going to be one of the olympic village).

Many clubs and societies to join, from sport to art and crafts there something here for everyone and if theres something not there you can suggest this to student union staff and you idea could turn into a new club/society.

Reply to Jademccarthh

Review #5
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"What I expected pretty much  "

By: Tyra

So far CCCU has been exactly what I have expected. The accommodation I stayed in are nice and modern, which comes at a cost! Everything is located close to town so the walk from halls to uni or the library is no more than 10 minutes.

My course is Primary Ed. So far I have found this interesting and fun. t is also diverse in the variety of subjects that we focus on and even the activities and assignments that we do. i love going on my placement at a school once a week as i then get to practice my teaching skills.

I'm not your typical student that drinks 3 times a week, but town has something for everyone and I am impressed with the location. I reckon I would live here after I finish my degree.

Reply to Tyra

Review #6
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"I miss being a student "

By: Elly_H

I have graduated from CCCU back in 2008. I have missed my life I used to live at CCCU and I wish I could go back to my first ever day. Christ Church was always my first choice because it's a modern, intimate campus with fantastic facilities. The closeness to the city centre is amazing! Basically, the city is the campus.

he course was varied and encouraged me to learn more - I was never bored (even after a uni night out!) as my subjects and topics were so diverse. Also, the course facilities were top notch - perfect for the course I was studying. My advice to you is put the effort in and with the support you can achieve great things, I ended up 1% from a first.

The university now has a brand new union. Not only is this fab but when I was there, the union nights were fab too. From comedy to club - the union provides everything. Prices are reasonable and the reps were always vocal and easy to talk to. There really is something for everyone at CCCU.

Reply to Elly_H

Review #7
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: No

"I expected more for CCCU  "

By: Charlie

I'm slightly disappointed with CCCU and i think it's safe to say I wouldn't actually recommend it to anyone else. Below are a few of the reasons why:

*There are better Uni's out there that want similar UCAS points
*They are are unorganised
*Lectures are dull
*I didn't get my accommodation choices and ended up 30mins away from campus
*Canterbury is nice but it's not lively for a typical student
*Limited amount of bars and clubs
*Not enough events happening at the uni itself
*Not enough hot guys

Reply to Charlie

Review #8
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"I would recommend CCCU "

By: ClairePrimary Education, Upper Primary (5-11), QTS BA (Hons

I had an amazing time at CCCU and I would recommend this to anyone. It is a small university so you get to know a lot more people and you recognise a lot of faces and feels like a safer community.

My course was a lot of work and intense at times. But with the support of my tutors I managed to graduate and I owe a lot to them for the endless support that they showed me. They course wasn't organised very well. With the university recruiting more students to have the university status, they are now struggling to place the current students on placements which is a huge part of the course.

I loved living in halls on campus in my first year! The food was a bit dodge but it was the best year of my life so far. I worked in a wicked little irish pub part time. Canterbury is a great place to live. There are loads of societies, especially sports ones! There is a real team spirit.

Go to CCCU and have the best time of your life!

Reply to Claire

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