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University of Wolverhampton

Ranked #99 out of 262 Institutes (Total : 4 Reviews)

(4) raters, average: 3.25 out of 5)

Reviews for this Institute

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Review #1
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"great atmosphere  "

By: jordan984

I'm now about to go into my 2nd year and if its going to be any where near like my first then i can not wait!

I commute into university so with accommodation i only know a little bit from friends I've met and they really like it, but there are new and old buildings so obviously the newer halls will be much more modern and I'm guessing nicer. My friends were situated in telford so its not to far from the university.

The best nights out in wolverhampton are on a thursday, friday and saturday, with lots of promotional stuff going on with the university.

The library here is massive ! you can't not get a computer or table, even in rush hour times of deadlines, its very well equipped.

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Review #2
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"wide spread but enjoyable  "

By: eddy10

Wolverhampton very much surprised me, it wasn't my first choice and i was a little disappointed at the start that i was attending wolves uni. But this look on the university soon changed due to the modern facilities and the people i met.

My studies were fantastic, i was always in small classes so had more time to connect with my lectures.

The accommodations are nice but one halls is situated near the SU and one isn't so this obviously not good if your at the campus without the SU.

That is pretty much the only fault i have with the university, i have one more left and i will be very sad to leave the university and the place itself.

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Review #3
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"Loved Wolvesy town! "

By: LoveTheWolves

I enjoyed my university life completely. I will recommend it, staff are wonderful and friendly in every area and our lecturers are fabulous. Full support is given to students. I lived in private rented apartments.There are Lots of clubs to join but again I didn't have the time, if I could go again I would join at least 2 as you can make friends so easily and everyone has these little clicks, it's wicked. On Accommodation, I lived in Lomas street for a little bit and I loved it. I paid about £61 a week, cheap compared to most universities that charge £100+

The library, is such a good area, and around deadline everyone is in there when it comes up to deadline, the library is open most nights up until 3am so it's brill - wish it was 24 hours! Highly recommended, its a fantastic uni, friendly, helpful staff.

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Review #4
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"It's like 50/50 with wovlerhampton "

By: DaveMan

Theres ups and downs but it's all part of the experience I guess, the courses are so jam-packed and there is so much to think about but just always relax and just not stress. My advice would be for everyone to work from day 1! Week 1! Everyone starts work in week 8 and they find they have loads to do, it's so silly.

The accommodation is the halls I have ever seen! All my friends go to university and they are all okay but they are not particularly that great. The City is big and holds a great nightlife, but there isn't a mega list of things to do. However the place/area itself is pretty decent. Library is really accessible for long hours and there is plenty of computers available, there is no SU bar on campus, this is the biggest downfall our of the entire campus - just needs more places for people to group together, and I don't really drink, but I bet the party-goers would want that.

I'm thinking of doing a postgrad so don't really know what the employment prospects are like here.

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