Month: September 2012

Don’t Be the Odd-One-Out

University - Horizon

It’s often said that university is your gateway to self-discovery and those three years will be the best of your life. Never again will you have as much freedom as you do in your days of being an undergraduate student. Assuming you have excellent budgeting skills and a hearty appetite for knowledge you will breeze… Read more »

University drinking games

If you’ve ever found yourself putting your gag reflex to the test by trying to drink a pint made up of, well, anything; chances are you have participated in, and tragically lost a game of ring of fire. Drinking games are a part of university life, being a student gives you free reign to do… Read more »

Student Hangover

Hangovers. The word dreaded by students everywhere. Do they honestly expect you to get up for your 9 o’clock lecture when you’re suffering from a thumping headache and nausea? Yes they do, unfortunately. So lets look at how to get you through these difficult mornings without compromising your degree (or social life). Everyone is searching… Read more »

Freshers Week Guide

You’ve waited nervously all summer, A level results day has arrived and as you finally make the journey to college to pick up your results you find you’ve passed; you’re about to embark on the best journey of your life. You will be nervous, inevitably, whether you’re moving near or far your life is about to… Read more »