Month: October 2012

Our breakdown of the 2012 festivals

The cold has crept in, you’ve swapped your Havaianas for winter boots and instead of spending evenings having BBQ’s with friends you’re huddled under a duvet in front of the fire. Unfortunately, summer is long gone and those winter blues are on their way.   With the short days and cold nights, moods are at… Read more »

Student guide to homemade Alcohol

One of the biggest changes you will notice in your life at university is the amount of free time you have outside of lectures. It’s dependent on your course, but generally, lectures are rarely held more than three days a week, leaving you with plenty of library and reading time. (Ha!) Of course it’s important… Read more »

Where has your student loan gone?

We all know that going to university is an expensive business, but none of us can ever be sure how expensive and why all of the money tends to just evaporate, leaving little clue as to where and how its disappeared. Most of us know how the situation goes, you receive your student loan and… Read more »

15 Fancy dress ideas that you will do at university

Laziness and excessive alcohol consumption aside, the thing people seem to associate with undergraduate students is our love for a dressing up costume. 
Over your three years at university you will take part in a number of themed nights, from mimes, cops and robbers to dressing up as the opposite sex, you’ll be surprised there… Read more »

Don’t Miss that All Important Lecture

Important Lecture - Quantum Physics

Whether you’re a fresher or third year, you will always start the academic year as you do the calendar. You will have every intention to stick to your goals (in this case substitute the diet for getting up for lectures) and by the time February has arrived (your first important lecture) you’ve fallen off the… Read more »

Being a Student: What You Will Love at University

Being a student - Students

University is fantastic, put brilliantly by a non-student friend who used to visit often; “I feel like I’m on holiday when I’m here.” Now unless you’ve gone abroad to study and are currently topping up your tan on Bondi beach, we’re assuming they didn’t mean for the weather. There is a great feel around campus,… Read more »