Month: January 2013

ILOVETOUR & UniversityCompare

If you’re after sun, sea, fun, sports and partying then look no further than ILOVETOUR! This year we’re diving deeper into the social lives of undergraduates to show you college students exactly what you can expect from university life. As always we’re here to give you advice on how you can make the most of the… Read more »

Want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg?

If you haven’t heard of Mark Zuckerberg then we can only assume you’ve been living under a rock for the passed ten years.At just 28 years old, he is the Cofounder, chairman and CEO of popular social networking website Facebook. He ranks in at number 25 on Forbes most powerful people list (under Barack Obama… Read more »

Social Networks & Job Applications: Think Twice!

Imagine you’ve woken up Sunday morning after a particularly heavy night out; you reach for your phone and find the message ‘You have been tagged in 12 photos.’ Is your immediate reaction to check Facebook or any other social networks that you’re using and look at what a great night you had? Or is it… Read more »

Graduating with First-Class Honours

First-Class Honours - Graduating

Over the last ten years students graduating with first-class honours degrees has risen significantly. More than one in six graduates in 2012 left with a first-class degree, a huge 16% rise from the previous year. What’s more, two thirds of all students are now graduating with an upper second-class degree. Although the figures look impressive,… Read more »

Main UCAS Deadline is over! (2013)

Today is an exciting day; the 15th January marks the deadline for UCAS applications and the start of your next step towards university life. If you’re taking courses such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary, your application would have been sent off months ago and you’re probably already head down in revision books. However, for those not… Read more »

Are you an Appy Student? – Best Student Mobile Apps

If there’s anything, we like to do here at University Compare, its make your student life as easy as possible. We know that juggling assignments on top of lectures and placements are difficult, so we’ve devised a list of the best student apps to help you through. These handy little tools will do anything from… Read more »

Internships – where to start?

Here at University Compare, we believe that your first year at university is for living. It’s the time you get to party a lot, work a little, meet new people and have the time of your life. However, once you’ve got through to the second year it begins to get serious and you need to… Read more »

Fresher’s Week: Being Careful

Being Careful - People talking

University can be daunting and many freshers find themselves taking comfort in the arms of somebody they really wish they hadn’t. Freshers week may seem reminiscent of your lad’s or ladies’ holidays from the previous summer, but unlike the fishbowl-fueled fumble in Malia, your ‘mistake’ will be walking past you every day for the next… Read more »