Month: August 2013

Sign up time (Societies, the weird and wonderful!)

University is a fantastic and unforgettable experience and there is a lot more to do than just writing coursework and attending lectures.There will always be benefits of joining a university society, from making friends, having fun and taking part in activities you have never participated in before and much more! Universities have hundreds of societies… Read more »

BRB – I’m just taking a gap year!

BRB – I’m Just Taking a Gap Year. Are you considering taking a gap year or taking a year out of education? Asking yourself whether you should go on a gap year, can be a hard decision and the choices on what to do during this time can be endless. The one thing you don’t… Read more »

Clearing Plan B: Everything You Need

Clearing Plan B - Application Centre

You may or may not have worried about your results leading up to the day but there are options if you didn’t receive the results you were hoping for, a Clearing Plan B, if you will. The first is going back to your UCAS choices. Your first choice may not offer you a place depending… Read more »

What to Expect on A-Levels Results Day

A-Levels Results Day: Celebrating

You have worked hard for two years and spent a summer worrying about the outcome. The nail-biting wait is over and there are several different outcomes that could occur from your results and what to expect on A-Levels Results Day. You’ve met your firm offer Congratulations; you’ve passed! This means that all that revision paid… Read more »

Clearing Advice 2017

Prepare for your exam results Last year 12% of those who secured places at university did so through clearing. The bad news for this year’s A-level students is that there is supposed to be a grade deflation this summer meaning that the number of students who don’t get the UCAS points they need for their… Read more »