Month: September 2013

Twenty Dollars In My Pocket – Student Thrift Shop.

One of the biggest challenges you will come across is managing your finances when at university. If you live away from home during your course you will have a lot more responsibilities than you did before, like sorting bills, budgeting and paying rent. We have some advice to keep you in the black and student… Read more »

Our Recommended Five A Day

Now the summer of worry and anxiety are over you should focus on you. And we have some top tips to make sure you are at your best, mind, body and emotionally! Now it’s up to you whether you use these, but they certainly do come highly recommended from all walks of uni-life. It is… Read more »

Your Five New Best Friends

Fresher’s Week has arrived and after you have spent all that time unpacking (maybe you just threw all your belongings in the wardrobe and closed the door, or even are planning to live out of your suitcases) it is now time to socialise! It’s important to make some good friends as you’ll be spending the… Read more »

Five Things About University that Nobody Told You

Five Things About University - University Fair

Starting university can be daunting and scary but an experience you will always remember – and a good memory too, not like reading back through old MySpace or Facebook messages that make your face hurt with constant cringing! University opens the doors to so many new experiences, like meeting all kinds of people,  how to… Read more »

Pick the Right Course for You

You are often asked this throughout your life and even if you no longer want to be a fire engine anymore, you will be surprised at all the different options you could do at university. The subject degree guides will explain and explore everything that’s needed to know about that specific course. We have found… Read more »