Month: December 2013

5 Reasons Why University is Different from Home

University is Different from Home - Building

Independence is great, but when you arrive at university you will end up realising why university is different from home, so here is a list of a top five differences of your home and new-found university life. We have plenty of articles to help you out at university. We have some articles that can help… Read more »

10 New Years Resolutions for University Students

New Years Resolutions - Calendar

You have gone all year taking too many selfies, indulging in too many pizzas and spending far too much money on tequlia. Some things you feel should stop; so here are the best new years resolutions for university students, as told by memes. We’ve also got a couple of other useful resources for you, here… Read more »

23 Things University Students Say

Things University Students Say - Students speaking

Throughout the three years of university you’ll understand that your university life will be based on things university students say that will get you through studying for your degree. We’ve got a great selection of university advice articles for you, we also have a number of great articles on studying abroad as well. You can… Read more »

8 Things No University Student Wants to Hear

No University Student Wants to Hear - Gollum

Throughout the three years of your university experience you may find that they are certain phrases that no university student wants to hear! If your already a university student, you’ll know most of them already. Don’t worry though, just because there are phrases that you don’t like to hear, it doesn’t mean that can’t still… Read more »

2018’s Top University Fancy Dress Ideas

University fancy dress ideas - Love hearts

It’s that time of year again, our most infamous annual ‘top university fancy dress ideas’. Whether it be that your looking for a theme right now or after some ideas for your next big night out. We see all sorts of student themes, parties and events from up and down the country so we’re aware… Read more »

5 Sayings of Every Sports-Playing Uni Student

Sports-Playing Uni Student - Vector

Uni-lad culture is a mysterious thing and sometimes gets not only bad press but gets associated with some many catchy phrases that you’ll see everyone using on campus. Uni-lad culture and gym memes do create some funny one-liners and every sports-playing uni student will be familiar with them. Since you’re going to be checking out some… Read more »

7 Things in Every Student House

Student House - London student house

So, there’s 4 people in your student house, you are now a second year and are ready to take on university properly, but have you noticed something? Look around, you’ll realise that all/most of these things are laying around your house! So we’ve got some of the best images for you, which shows you everything… Read more »

9 People You Will Meet at University

People You Will Meet at University - Fair

You’ve just touched down in your new uni village (yes we mean village! As you’ll soon understand that campus is like a little town), and you are unbelievably keen for freshers’ week, good on ya! While everyone’s experience is completely different, we can almost guarantee there will be a few certainties, there are always a few architectural characters… Read more »

How to Ace Your University Interview

University Interview - Interview

When you’re applying for university, it’s essential to choose the right university and course and the last thing you need on top of written exams and UCAS anguish is a grilling by a top university in a university interview. But these days if you want to win a spot, despite the course you’re applying for, you’re bound to face an interview…. Read more »