Month: January 2014

15th Jan UCAS Deadline is now closed

The countdown has finished and the UCAS deadline for applications is now closed. It doesn’t matter if you were super-organised or a last-minute type of application, now is the time to sigh in relief. You did it! Hurrah! We have some advice if for some reason your application didn’t make the cut-off. Individuality Each university… Read more »

10 Reasons You Will Love University

Reasons You Will Love University - Building

University is a wonderful place, it’s full of fun, alcohol, learning, self-discovery and ‘free’ money. Obviously, we don’t mean free, but the Student loans are a bonus. If you are heading to university this September, here is a list of reasons you will love university. Now, we’re not just here to give you reasons you… Read more »

Diary of a UEA Fresher, Part 4

Part 4 Student Diary - Part 4

Part 4 Student Diary I cried at the end of my first year. It’s not cool but it’s true. The end of your first year at university feels like a monumental occasion; in the space of just a few terms your life has completely transformed and you find yourself moving out of the flat that… Read more »

Diary of a UEA Fresher, Part 3

Part 3 Student Diary - Part 3

Part 3 Student Diary The commencement of second semester is one of the most exciting moments of first year. You’re feeling like an old hand at university already; you know your friends, you’ve settled into your course, you know how to cook at least one meal (besides cheese on toast) and having found yourself bored… Read more »

Diary of a UEA Fresher, Part 2

Part 2 Student Diary - Part 2

Part 2 Student Diary First term went in a blur as those strangers I met on day one moulded into a set of friends; seeing each other 24/7 meant we became close incredibly fast. As term developed, we explored the area and got to know Norwich – the beach being a short train ride away… Read more »

Diary of a UEA Fresher, Part 1

Part 1 Student Diary - Part 1

Part 1 Student Diary   Childhood teddies were squished under cheap bottles of Vodka and I’d crammed the last of my surprisingly extensive belongings into my dad’s surprisingly tiny car. It felt a long time coming but this was the day I left home to live alone for the first time at the University of… Read more »

Drinking Rules that Apply to Every University

Drinking Rules - International Drinking Rules

If you’re applying to university this year, ready yourself for the best week of your life, Freshers Week. What comes with freshers week, is mingling with other freshers and learning the drinking rules that will be a part of your student nights out for the next three years. We’ve also got some great tools for… Read more »

Best Student Hangover Cures

Best Student Hangover Cures - The Hangover

Time and time again, we lay there on a Thursday morning wishing the feeling of death would disappear, but it never will. Hangovers are something that we are unable to shift, so we have put together a list of what we think are the best student hangover cures. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered… Read more »

2018 UCAS Deadline is Approaching

2018 UCAS Deadline - January 15th

There are only nine days left before the UCAS deadline on the 15th January! We have some last minute advice to make sure you have a great application to send off for the 2018 UCAS Deadline. Making it personal Your personal statement is your voice and universities want to hear yours. Don’t try to sound… Read more »

6 Famous People Who Dropped Out of University

Dropped Out - Mark Zuckerberg

Now we are all about the encouragement of university and how it prepares you for the big wide world, but sometimes university gives you the time to create a product, or to better yourself as an individual. University shapes you into your future career. Don’t worry though, plenty of famous people dropped out of university… Read more »

6 Reasons You’re Ready to Move Back to University

Move Back to Uni - Boxes

Has it has dawned on you that the second semester of this academic year is creeping around the corner? Are you ready to move back? Here are 6 signs that you’re ready to move back to uni. While you’re worrying about moving back to uni, we have a great section of advice articles that can… Read more »

7 Signs You Don’t Need a New Years Resolution

You don't need a New Years Resolution - Calendar

It is that time again and we are not talking about the 2 for 1 offer at the SU bar or everything else that’s on offer at your Student Union. A New Years Resolution is for the day after when the hangover has subsided and we all realise the errors of our ways, even if you’re… Read more »

6 Signs You’re a Boring Student

Boring Student - Young Kristen Stewart

Are you worried you are bringing your friends down to the boring level? Here are a few examples of why you, or one of your friends, might be a boring student. Speaking of boring, here’s some of the boring stuff. We know how boring it can be having to write your personal statement, so we… Read more »