Month: April 2014

5 Ways to Defend Your Stuff at University

Defend - Notes

Moving into halls or sharing a house with other students can mean a lack of privacy. Now we’re not talking about your mum going through your belongings, but when there are students and drinking and university all wrapped up together it could mean your privacy is breached, we have some ideas to defend your stuff…. Read more »

The 9 Classmates You Will Have at University

Classmates - Typing

Classmates: you can’t choose them! Some will become part of your life for years to come whilst others you can’t wait to leave behind. We have listed several you will definitely have an encounter with. Worrying about your classmates isn’t the thing that should be worrying you. You should be cool and calm at university,… Read more »

6 Pranks To Be Proud Of

Pranks - Cups Computer

April Fools day has been and gone again and here are some pranks you may have fallen for. It is best to plan for next year to keep you one step ahead in front of your housemates next year! These are the pranks you might fall for when you start at university! We’ve got you… Read more »