Month: May 2014

How to be the best university housemate

When starting university, you will need to realise sooner or later that you won’t have the luxury of living on your own. You’ll have housemates, or roommates for three to four years and the majority of the time all of you will be flung together, left to your own devices and asked to just survive…. Read more »

Choosing a Degree for Employability

degree for employability - Vector

University and obtaining a degree is the most chosen path for a successful career for young people. Young people and students wish for the opportunities of a well-paid job with great experiences to better them later in life, in fact, many students find themselves asking the question will university help my career? If you are… Read more »

How to write a personal statement

When you are thinking about attending university, the application process can seem rather scary and overwhelming, and the worst part is writing the personal statements and the ways to write them because there are plenty of ways to learn how to write a great UCAS personal statement for university. It can be hard to judge… Read more »

Fun Summer Jobs for Students

Fun Summer Jobs for Students - Employment Application

University is starting in the Autumn and you have the whole summer for great experiences, opportunities and chances to earn some money! Read our tips for some of the great summer jobs for students to have before and during your time at university, that are good to help you save and that are related to… Read more »

What to Get Involved with at University

What to Get Involved with at University - Societies

Becoming an undergraduate is full of opportunities that you won’t get later in life. As well as studying for a degree, university is more than just coursework, research and independent reading, and we know some of the great things you can do alongside modules, and what to get involved with at university. Societies University societies… Read more »

University jargon: What does it mean?

When it comes to university there are all sorts of different words and vocabulary used – it’s important you know everything about understanding university jargon. It can be quite confusing and hard to get your head round, but with our help, you will understand the university jargon terms better and what they mean to you. Employability… Read more »

Students: How to get a good night of sleep

When the semester starts not only do the lectures start up but also the late nights at the library and drinking with housemates. It can be hard to juggle your social life with studying and making time to burn off steam and this can affect a good night of sleep. Read below to find out… Read more »

The Best Excuses for Being a Student

Excuses - Writing

Studying for a degree means there will be certain things you do and say that is accepted under the excuse of being a student. We have some of the best excuses here! Don’t worry though, we’ve got a load of great tools and advice for you here on University Compare. We’ve got a great selection… Read more »

How to make a good first impression at university

Meeting people can be quite scary and stressful at times, especially if there are lots of new people to meet and a good first impression is important and you’ll, of course, need to know how to meet people during freshers week, too. First impressions can help show who you are as a person, get you… Read more »

Should You Choose the University with Lower Fees?

University with Lower Fees - Student with sports

Choosing a university can be extremely difficult with the vast amount of choices available, and once you have narrowed it down to a few it can be hard to choose your first and second choices. The first thing you need to do is compare them side by side for course and university value and to… Read more »

When to Be Competitive at University

competitive at university - Lecture

Starting university may seem similar to school or college, but you need to know when to be competitive at university, and why it matters when studying your degree. University is the start of your adult life and the time you spend at higher education will reflect on your future. We have broken it down for… Read more »

Student Games & tricks you’ll need to master

You will spend a lot of late nights, drinking with housemates and throwing shapes at Liquid or the SU, and the nights you spend in or pre-drinking time at home, there are some student drinking games you need to master to drink your friends under the table. Ring of Fire This card game may be… Read more »

What not to do in your First Year at university

So, you have applied and been accepted into university! Yay! Now the celebrations are starting to die down and you are finally getting the lectures from your mother out of your head, you can start to have a good time! Watch out for mistakes that many students have made before you, that won’t harm your… Read more »

Evaluating a University Open Day

Evaluating a University Open Day - Student fair

Universities host open days, which are days for potential students to visit them, look around the university and have any questions that they may have answered. Universities will host open days throughout the year and sometimes will have open days for particular areas of study, university open day calendar will present any upcoming open days… Read more »

Student Referencing; the essential guide

Studying for a degree is more than just a fun-filled Freshers’ week, learning to like the taste of coffee in the morning and asking your friends to write up notes so you can skip class for a lie in and watch Jeremy Kyle. It consists of essays, coursework and one of the most important things you’ll… Read more »

The Ultimate Revision Guide

Ultimate Revision Guide - Students and teachers

It’s that time again where the dates of the exams are creeping closer, and the start of the year seemed a million years ago, so it’s handy to have exam revision tips, as this may help you to maintain a higher grade.  But with the end of the year approaching you need to pencil that… Read more »

What You Think University Would Be Like Because of the Movies

Thought University Would Be Like - Students

We have all seen the movies, the big blockbusters that tell us how amazing university is going to be until we get there for ourselves. Yes, university is amazing, but in completely different ways, this is what you thought university would be like because of the movies. Don’t worry though, we can probably bet you a… Read more »

8 People You Meet at Freshers

People You Meet at Freshers - Club

Fresher’s is a great time to meet people and to socialise, we have the 8 different types of people you meet at Freshers! While you’re here at University Compare, you should check out some of the awesome stuff we have here on the site! We have a great section of articles on Student Discounts and we… Read more »

What Students Don’t Want to Hear at University

Students Don't Want to Hear - Students talking

What students don’t want to hear, anytime, any day, any semester! Know what else students at university don’t want to hear about? Their dissertation. Luckily, we’ve got a  great guide to help you out with writing your dissertation at university. Not only that, we have a number of useful tools to help you as well,… Read more »

7 Different Types of Student Naps

Student Naps - Napping in the library

Student sleeping patterns fly out the window when term starts in September and they don’t return to normal for around three to four years. Be prepared for all kinds of student naps you will be having when you start university! We’ve also got some great resources for you, here on University Compare as well. Here… Read more »