Month: June 2014

Saving Money When Going Out at University

Going Out at University - Drinking

Student life is one of the best social times you are going to have, and the experiences are going to be unforgettable and legendary. Making memories from your student days can be very expensive so we have some student budgeting tips to keep them worth remembering whilst helping students saving money, with various loyalty cards… Read more »

9 Questions Your New Uni Housemates Will Ask You

Uni Housemates - Monster Inc.

When you start university and move into Halls, you’ll feel like a broken record player in the first two weeks because of the questions your new uni housemates will ask you. Our advice, is to be prepared and keep it simple! Here, we have a great selection of memes from Memebase for you to look… Read more »

Accommodation and Clearing 2014

Clearing is a UCAS process that matches up students to a university if they haven’t received the grades they were predicted or applied after the 30th June, through this process students may feel anxious about their accommodation and clearing, but there really isn’t much to worry about. When to start talking about where you’re going… Read more »

Adjustment 2018: Step-By-Step

Adjustment 2018 - Students

If you received better grades that you were predicted – well done! – and now you have the choice of sticking with your preferred choices, or looking for another course and/or university that required higher grades or UCAS tariff points. Here is Adjustment 2018. If you are happy with your decision then you can go… Read more »

Student Finance and Clearing 2018

student finance and clearing 2018 - Clearing

Clearing is a stressful time, especially when you are trying to secure a new course, and maybe even at a different university, but when it comes to student finance and clearing 2018, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Clearing Clearing starts on A-Level results day and finishes the 30th September, during this period… Read more »

Will Clearing 2018 Affect Me?

Clearing 2018 - Students chatting

Clearing 2018 opens 14th August, on A-Level results day and closes on 30th September. If will only affect you if you: Have applied for university after the 30th of June You didn’t receive any offers from universities You didn’t meet the requirements set by your firm and insurance universities You haven’t applied to university yet… Read more »

Helplines for Clearing 2018

Helplines for Clearing 2018 - Students

Are you looking for some helplines for Clearing 2018? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you have received your results, and it wasn’t what you were expected, there is no need to panic or worry about your chances of studying at university. On your UCAS Track page, it will state whether your choices… Read more »

When is Clearing 2018?

Clearing 2018 - People talking

Clearing is when you didn’t receive a confirmed offer from your universities, and this may be because you didn’t get the grades you were predicted, didn’t match the requirements needed for that course, or applied after the initial deadline date. But if you are still considering to attend university this year, you will need to… Read more »

What to Do During Adjustment 2018

Adjustment is where you received better grades than expected or predicted, and as it is a very short time from getting your results to the deadline or the Adjustment 2018 period. We can let you know where to go during this time to get you on the right course at the right university. Advisor Talk… Read more »

How to choose student broadband

Are you having to move into accommodation when you start your degree? Did you not get a place in Halls? If so, you won’t need to worry about what to expect from living in halls. There will be lots of different bills, and you will need to get used to understanding student bills you will… Read more »

Painful Lessons You’ll Learn at University

Lessons You'll Learn at University - Lecture

University is a learning experience and we’re not just talking about the degree you’ll hopefully leave with. Studying at Higher Education will give you an opportunity to learn things from all areas of your life, and here are some lessons you’ll learn at university. You won’t have enough time This is what every undergraduate student… Read more »

What is Adjustment?

Adjustment - Students

You have finally been able to open up your results, after three months of waiting, you’d rather watch paint dry than have to go through that experience again. Now that you have got your grades, there are options for you if you received higher than what you were predicted. Adjustment This is the process for… Read more »

What if I miss Clearing 2014?

September 30th is going to creep around sooner than you think, and if you are going through Clearing 2014 and haven’t found a course vacancy that is good for you, you need to get moving fast. Clearing will end after this date, and this may mean you’re not going to university this year, but it… Read more »

How to contact universities during Clearing 2014

Clearing will open on August 14th, which is Results day, and you need to be prepared. After opening your results and finding out you didn’t get the grades you wanted, you may feel frustrated, upset or many emotions, and this is natural. This is our guide on how to contact universities during Clearing. Before you… Read more »

How to Recover from Fresher’s Flu

Fresher's Flu - Sheldon

A sudden and horrible virus that can be contracted from too much alcohol, overindulging in takeaways, not enough rest and excessive socialising. Symptoms: Headaches, vomiting, dehydration, exhaustion, cold and flu-like symptoms and the realisation of money being spent but you can’t figure out where you spent it. Fresher’s flu is awful, but almost every new… Read more »

How to spend your last summer before university

University is going to be here before you can say Fresher’s Week, so this is your last Summer before university, and when your life will change forever, so best to get those ideas on how to spend your last summer before university, out of the way, right now! We don’t mean to scare or panic you,… Read more »

When is Adjustment 2018?

Adjustment 2018 - Srudents speaking

Adjustment is when applicants exceeded their conditions and entry requirements on their course choices, had their place confirmed and paid full application fee on UCAS. If you paid the single fee, and received higher grades than expected you can pay the registration fee to sign up to Adjustment. Adjustment 2018 begins on A-Level results day… Read more »

Clearing Advice 2014

Entering Clearing can be a stressful and hectic time, especially as it opens the day you receive your exam results. There are lots of different places you can get help, support and advice to get you through it and come out with a place on a course. Why you are in Clearing You enter clearing… Read more »

What to do during Clearing 2014?

Clearing 2014 is a tough process to go through for any student, even if you were expecting lower grades than predicted, or shocked from the results you did receive. We have an essential guide that will help you through each step and let you know what to do during Clearing. There is a cheeky way… Read more »

What to do on Results Day 2014?

Results day 2014 is getting sooner each and every day, and even though you are having an awesome summer with your best friends and making memories for years to come, you need to prepare yourself for when they arrive. We have some great advice to get you in the perfect mood and ready to open… Read more »

How Students Feel About Money

How Students Feel About Money - Piggybank

If you think about students and money together, you probably get this image in your head of a 20-something looking at his bank statement and crying whilst eating a reduced-priced pot noodle. You’re not far off, but there are some things you will have to accept if you’re becoming a university student and your new… Read more »

How to Get Your University Work Done

University Work - Library

Whether you are revising for exams or trying to get coursework completed, working is one of the least favourite things for any student to do, I mean, why can’t you analyse Jeremy Kyle instead of Citizen Kane, what is up with that? Anyway, we all know you need to complete your work, even though you… Read more »

Exactly How Much Does University Cost?

How Much Does University Cost - Person smiling

Are you thinking about attending university, or going to start the next semester, and wondering how much obtaining this degree is going to cost you? But should cost affect your university choices? We have calculated everything and you might be in a bit of a shock! Don’t panic just yet, though, as the majority of… Read more »

How being a student pays off

If you are still questioning whether university is right for you, we have a good argument to show you what it can do for you, your career and your life. And there are plenty of reasons you’ll love being a student. Degree So, the most obvious point of our argument is the fact that you… Read more »

How to have a good exam

Now that you have spent all this time revising and studying for your exam, the hard part is just around the corner, and we have some great tips on how to have a good exam so you can forget it about until results day and how to beat exam stress and some all important exam revision… Read more »

How to pass your exams

As it is exam season, all of your studying and revision techniques for exam season, will hopefully pay off and show in your results, but there is more you can do than just re-reading your class notes, read our guide on how to pass your exams and feel that you did all you can to… Read more »

Signs of Exam Stress

Exam Stress - Student in front of a blackboard

Studying for your exams, whether you will be completing coursework, revising for exams, sorting our your revision techniques for exam season or performing a practical assessment is quite daunting, especially that you have to take more than one, but there are signs of exam stress that you need to keep an eye out for. Weight… Read more »

What is Clearing 2018?

Clearing 2018 - Person smiling

Now that results day is creeping closer, you may be hearing lots about Clearing and Adjustment. Clearing 2018 is when you didn’t get the grades you were expected or predicted and may not have the right amount of UCAS tariff points or the right grades to get onto your course, and we’ve got a great… Read more »