Month: July 2014

The summer preparing for university

The summer has more to offer than working on your suntan and waiting for results day, these are the last few weeks before you start your journey towards obtaining a degree, it is the summer preparing for university, and we have some advice on how best prepare yourself for the next three years. Clean up… Read more »

Fresher’s Week: What not to do

Fresher’s week will be on your mind for the next couple of months, and even though it is only a couple of weeks out of your entire year at university, it can pass you by in a blur, and during this busy time there are certain things you need to think about before you go… Read more »

How useful are university league tables

Checking out the university league tables is a common practice for parents and students, especially when they are deciding which university to attend. But, when it comes down to the best, in all aspects, how useful are university league tables, in telling you the information that you need to know? University is a personal experience… Read more »

What to expect from a degree

University will be a big change for many students who have just completed their A-Levels or BTEC courses; and even though you had a selected amount of independent learning along the way, with coursework and exam revision, your university course won’t be like anything that you have done before. What should you expect from a… Read more »

Fresher’s guide: The first two weeks

If you are anxious about starting university and what Fresher’s week will be like for first year students, this is the guide that you need to know about! Parties Your dorm of other dorm areas in your Halls will have parties. Once you have made friends with your new housemates you can check out who… Read more »

How to survive Fresher’s week

Fresher’s, the first week of university, will be full of events, meeting new people and nights out. You will go out during the time that you are at university, but Fresher’s week is usually full of more drinking and going out than any other time throughout the course, and it is important to stay safe…. Read more »

People You will Meet On a Night Out at University

People You will Meet On a Night Out at University - Students

Whether it is Fresher’s week or you have been there a few months -anyway, here are the people you will meet on a night out at university. Don’t worry, we have a number of useful articles around other areas of the university experience as well. We have everything around sexual harassment at university, bullying at… Read more »

How to Meet People During Fresher’s Week

How to Meet People During Fresher's Week - Students

When you arrive at university and start unpacking your room, the best thing that you can do is to start meeting people straight away! And you will meet a lot of different people in Freshers Week. There will be hundreds and maybe even thousands of people attending your university and meeting fellow students will help… Read more »

The People You’re Going to Hate in Halls

people you're going to hate in halls - students

Moving away from home and into your own room/dorm is going to be one of the best things about university, however, you will be with a handful of people randomly selected to live there with you and its not going to be up to you what they’re like. We have a list of people you’re… Read more »

5 ways to stay safe during Fresher’s

The new term is just around the corner, and even though you can’t wait to pack, unpack, and get started with the new chapter in your life, you need to look after yourself and stay safe during Freshers’ Week. There will be lots of students, drinking and nights out so planning ahead will make the… Read more »

Should you go on a gap year?

Should I Go on a University Gap Year - Person with their hands out on a mountain top

A gap year can tempt a lot of students when thinking about whether they should go onto higher education, or if they are feeling unsure of what they want to study at university. Gap years can change people and offer amazing opportunities that will shape their lives and their careers after. The one thing to… Read more »

The Different Stages of Fresher’s Flu

Fresher's Flu - Laptop

Fresher’s Flu is the only downside to your first few weeks at university, not every student gets Fresher’s Flu, however, with the drinking, partying and take away’s, you may find that it will creep up on you, here are the different stages of fresher’s flu you may find you’ll go through. We also have a selection… Read more »

Bad Choices Students Makes During Their Degree

Bad Choices - Students talking

When you first found out that you were going to university, you may have read all of the books, researched every aspect and looked at all of the websites to prepare yourself for this new start in life. However, it doesn’t matter how much you prepare you will make at least one bad choice at… Read more »

Settle into student life

Studying at university will be entirely different to any other education you have been a part of, such as A-Levels and GCSE. Even if you attended an independent institution, student life is a little bit different to anything else, and here are our tips for you settle into student life and see what freshers is… Read more »

First years: What you’ll love about Halls

University is much more than just learning something new, it is an entire lifestyle change and a big chapter in every student’s life. Moving out and away to university is a big step, and even though it may seem scary at first, here is what you’ll love about Halls and your first year at university,… Read more »

University Compare iPhone App

Click here to download the UK’s Number One Clearing App! The new University Compare app has just made applying to university and Clearing that much easier. With hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses at your fingertips, your career path is one step closer and within reach. It has the best features of the website, like… Read more »

What First Years Love About University

First Years Love About University - Students

University is going to be a fantastic experience, and you’re going to make so many memories that you’ll speak fondly of for years to come, but, we do have a selection of things that first years love about university. Not only that, we also have a selection of advice articles that you’re going to love… Read more »

Icebreakers at University: The Ones You Need to Use

Icebreakers at University - People hanging out

When you start your first term, there will be many induction lessons, and the smaller the class group the greater chance you will have at sitting through icebreakers at university. The icebreakers can be quite fun, so if you do get a decent one that you completed in one of your classes, you should use… Read more »

Students: What type of job should you get?

If you are considering working alongside your degree to earn a bit of extra cash, you may be asking yourself what job should you get? And you will also need to learn how to manage working and studying when at university. There are so many different work sectors and types of jobs out there and… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of University Placements

Get the Most Out of University Placements - People at Microsoft

It is a wonderful feeling when you have secured work experience, whether it is during the summer or time on the side as you study for your degree. The experience can be extremely beneficial to your work and to your CV, and this is how to university placements. Dress smart If your placement is office… Read more »

Life lessons you’ll learn from University

Once you start your degree, you’ll learn more than what is stated in the module outline, there are important life lessons from university and some very painful lessons you’ll learn at university, that pop up along the way, and after a while, you will forget that you even had to adjust at all. Here is a… Read more »

University Guide to An All-Nighter

Guide to An All-Nighter - Student with coffee

When you start university you may have a plan of completing your coursework three weeks in advance or to keep on top of your studies or independent study at university, but it won’t be that simple when the deadlines come around, you may find yourself pulling an all-nighter, and this is our guide to an all-nighter…. Read more »

Weird Things that Happened at University

Weird Things that Happened at University - Students

If you are thinking about attending university, you may feel that you have done all the research, read up on all the details and even attended a University Open Day, however, there are some weird things that happened at university, more specifically universities around the world, that you had no idea about! Unusual areas of… Read more »

How to Keep in Touch with Friends at University

When you have finished your A-Levels, some of your friends will go to different universities around the country – maybe even abroad! – and others may not decide to go at all, this is normal, however, something that may prey on your mind will be how to keep in touch with your friends, and these… Read more »

The essentials needed for university

With the summer approaching and your attempt to make the remaining months last, the day of you moving to university is on its way. Packing for this can be hard, but we have the list of essentials needed for university so the important stuff is taken care of. Stationary You will need stationary, and we… Read more »

Students: Dine out and save money

Becoming a student is a big decision and life change, and will most certainly involve you watching your wallet a lot more than usual and looking for great ways to save money when going out. Here is our guide on how to dine out and save money, the student way! Don’t drink the good stuff… Read more »

How to Survive a Night Out at University

Survive a Night Out - Club

During your time studying for your degree, you will, undoubtedly, be spending lots of nights out at university, and this is our night out survival guide a guide so that that you know how to wake up for your morning lecture. From takeaways to blocking memories out, you will get up to a lot during… Read more »

How to wake up for your morning lecture

Unfortunately, at university you can’t pick and choose when your lectures are, so, even if you are a night-time person you will probably get a 9AM lecture at some point, and this is how to wake up for your morning lecture. Decent bedtime If you do have a morning lecture, it isn’t best to fall… Read more »

The Types of Students You Find in Exams

Students You Find in Exams - Exam room

When you are preparing and taking your exams, you rarely think about what everyone else is going to be like in the exam hall, but we have some examples of the types of students you find in exams. Don’t worry about your exams too much though, we have a great selection of articles geared towards… Read more »

Emotions on A-Level Results Day, As Told By Pugs

As told by Pugs - Happy students

Now that exams are over and you’re trying to forget about your A-Levels results day is fast approaching and here are the different emotions on A-Level results day, told by pugs. Plenty of students worry about what to expect on A-Level Results Day and we have got a great selection of articles that will help… Read more »