Month: August 2014

How useful are university league tables Part 2

In our first part, we looked into what university league tables are, and what they include. By knowing what information they provide we can now see how this can help you in your application and important decision to what university to apply for. Be careful You shouldn’t take everything you read as direct truth, and… Read more »

Will University Increase Your Chances of Securing a Job?

chances of securing a job - Jobs

There is the all-important question of, ‘Will university increase your chances of securing a job?’, and in some areas or opinions, it doesn’t reveal an answer. However, we at University Compare believe in the sanctity of university and higher education and the benefits it can provide each and every student. The job market isn’t at… Read more »

Independent study at university

At higher education level, a lot more is expected of a student than in previous education systems and curriculum, and one-word undergraduates will start to hear plenty of will be the term ‘independent study’. One definition states it is an ‘educational activity undertaken by an individual with little to no supervision’, which pretty much sums… Read more »

What previous students say about university

All the research in the world, and all of the collected statistics, student surveys from surveys can tell you a great deal about what your university will be like, but nothing can give you the most realistic idea than current or previous students that studied there. Attending open days are a good thing for you… Read more »

What you might find annoying about university teachers

Students who are entering university level may have the idea that studying a degree will be more relaxing and laid back than previous education systems; this isn’t the case – and in fact, it is misleading, mainly because bad advice turns poor students off university. Each university, course, module and teacher have a different style… Read more »

Typical Things Undergraduates Will Do

things undergraduates do - Freshers

When you start university and become a first year there are some things that everyone goes through, especially the first few months. These are the typical things undergraduates do at university. We don’t just have a selection of keenly made observations, we also have a great selection of articles to help you out too.  Are… Read more »

7 Student Sleeping Problems

Student Sleeping Problems - Sleeping

Becoming a student will affect you more than the overdraft in your student bank account! Most student sleeping problems will start when they move into their new surroundings or during stressful times of their university life, read about the student sleeping problems you’re going to encounter when you become an undergraduate. Don’t worry though, we… Read more »

Factors you need to consider when applying to university

When the journey of choosing a university and a course begins, you’ll be struck by so many different aspects of university life and what you will come across during your three or four years of studying, and it is important that you know how to choose the right university for you. Although all areas of… Read more »

Can statistics and the National Student Survey aid your application

When you start applying to university there are many different factors that can help you make you narrow down your decision on what university to go to and what course to take. You can let the NSS (National Student Survey) aid you in your application, and take it into consideration when first researching institutions, and… Read more »

Weird and wonderful university traditions – best in the UK!

University has more to offer than a degree and referencing, and before you start your journey at what is going now be, ‘your’ university, you should research the traditions and history behind it, because now you are a part of it! Find some of the best, weird and wonderful university traditions below. The Half naked… Read more »

What every student needs to know about Plagiarism and why

When students start university, they will need to understand how to use information correctly and ethically, basically meaning to reference any work they have used, from ideas to direct quotations. Plagiarism is a serious offence and can end in severe consequences, and it could all end up being because you didn’t actually know you were… Read more »

The types of friends you’ll need throughout university

When students start their degree and their journey into higher education, one of the main sources of support will come from their friendship circle and the relationships that they will create, gain and develop throughout the three years. University will be tough on an array of areas for the majority of undergraduates, and here are the… Read more »

Your options after Results day without university in the picture

When you receive your grades on results day, they can send you in a different direction than you originally planned, in fact, this can give you many different alternatives to attending university. Whether you didn’t get the grades than expected, couldn’t find a course during Clearing, or decided that you want to take a gap year –… Read more »

Freshers – Moving tips

things undergraduates do - Freshers

Surely, the excitement of going to university, with the promise of new beginnings, experiences and people to meet, is enough to keep you going until your first class, however, the moving aspect is a huge milestone in many students’ lives, and this is our Freshers’ guide for moving tips. Overpacking This may be a big… Read more »

What you might not know about results day

Results day is different for everyone, each student will be feeling different emotions and have a completely opposite future lying ahead of them in comparison to the person standing next to them. To help you feel fully prepared, here are some things you might not know about results day, that can help you when you… Read more »

Why you need a back-up plan for Results day

Results day is only a couple of days away, and you have done everything you can to try to get the grades you were predicted or even better; but in some cases, your first plan might fall through, and this is why you need a back up plan for results day, to keep yourself in… Read more »

What Do Graduate Employment Statistics Actually Mean?

Graduate Employment Statistics - Graduation

When potential undergraduate students are in the process of applying to university, the question of what is going to happen once they graduate never seems to occur to them, even though, when you are choosing your course and university it is a great idea to think about the future, because that is why you’re doing… Read more »

What you won’t expect to happen at university: Part 1

University is a learning experience for all students and undergraduates that choose to study for a degree, however, individuals will gain an entirety of various experiences, so don’t expect to leave with the same knowledge as your housemates! There are a few areas of the student life that won’t seem like an opportunity for change… Read more »

Ideas on how to spend your last summer before university

Your last summer days are counting down fast, with your moving date to university getting closer on the calendar! Most students will be dreading going back to university, while others have spent the summer preparing for university. There are so many things that you can do in your last summer before university, and here are… Read more »

Different Ways to Get Over Your A-Levels

get over your A-Levels - students

Results day is only a couple of weeks away, and even though you have finished college or sixth-form, it is about time you get over your A-Levels and start afresh! Don’t worry though, we have a great guide which is aimed towards helping you out with what to expect on A-Level Results Day and we… Read more »

The Different Stages of Being a Grown-Up

being a grown up - sleeping

So, you are a student and have moved away from home, this is one stage of growing up, and here are other realisations students have about being a grown up! Becoming an adult is much more than turning the age of 18 and beyond, you’re going to start having to do things you don’t want… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Studying in Your First Year

Get the Most Out of Studying - Students

University requires a lot of independent study and individual learning, research and tasks – it is a lot different to A Levels and BTECs. However, even if you are completing everything on the list and submitting all of your work on time, it is important to get the most out of studying in your first… Read more »

Fresher’s Guide: The first lectures

Even though the Fresher’s week will be full of parties, socialising and most likely, the Student Union, you will have course inductions, and your first lectures and they may not seem like it, but they are the most important thing, because the only reason you are attending university is to receive a degree. This a… Read more »

Fresher’s Guide: Before You Get to University

Fresher's Guide - Freshers

You might think that university won’t be too difficult, or that your biggest challenge will be the academic level expected of you, but trust us when we say, the hardest obstacle you’ll find yourself having trouble with is organisation and accepting responsibilities, because in the majority of cases, you have never had to do these… Read more »