Month: October 2014

The student procrastination handbook

For any student when it comes to studying and university life it can be hard to kick procrastination, especially as the majority have flown the nest and become independent, without family and old teachers keeping you on your toes it can be hard to get anything done. This is where the handbook comes in with… Read more »

7 Irrational Worries of Students

Irrational worries of students - Worries

As students enter the first year of their undergraduate degree and take on more responsibility, anxiety and doubt begins to appear. Read some of the irrational worries of students, and see if you’ll be thinking the same thing when you start university! Don’t worry too much about irrational fears at university though, we have a… Read more »

University is a chance to reinvent yourself

University is a chance to reinvent yourself, and to quote one of the literary greats, F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’. When you start your degree in September your life has just begun – or started all over again. This is one of the biggest advantages… Read more »

The Lecturers You Wish You Had


University is a time for new opportunities and meeting all kinds of new people. However, you can’t choose to have great lecturers or the same teachers you had before. We have conducted a list of lecturers everybody wish they had. We’ve got some great content here on University Compare, to help you out with all… Read more »

How to write a personal statement: Part 1

The summer sun is creeping behind the clouds, the temperature has dropped and the leaves on the trees are falling down; this could only mean one thing – Autumn has arrived. Now that we are approaching the winter months, your university application should be underway and you should focus on deciding on which university to… Read more »

The pros and cons of attending a city university

It might be that time when you are whittling down your choices of university (For instance, you might be looking into the real cost of university, or where to stay), and trying to decide where to spend the next three to four years of your life. What are the pros and cons of attending a… Read more »


A student’s life is a hard life, and we have a list of the hardest things students have to deal with now that they are at university. #studentproblems Your I.D. card doesn’t look like you Yes, the hardest thing as a student is coming to terms with a poor profile picture on your student card…. Read more »

Should you care about your university societies?

When you start university, especially during Freshers’, you’ll see all the wonderful things that university has to offer you, and that includes societies. When you are walking around Fresher’s Fayre or a society event, there could be up to a hundred different societies trying to tell you why you should sign up to their society… Read more »

The classroom disruptions you might encounter at university

Higher Education will be a completely new experience for most undergraduate students who are climbing the first steps of the degree ladder, and although you may feel that your thirteen years experience in the school education system has given you enough insight into all you may come across at university, there are different types of… Read more »

Why do you have to write a personal statement?

The personal statement; it can be the death of some students, or put people off the UCAS application altogether. For some students, it is the first time they have had to really sell themselves using the written word, with the intention of important people and a huge institution having to read it and base the… Read more »

Working Part-Time at University

Working Part-Time at University - Two Broke Girls

You may find that working part-time while attending university is what you need to keep you afloat during your time studying. But you will need to learn how to manage your work and your studying at university before you decide to take on a job of any kind. Student loans and student grants are a… Read more »

Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed at University

University is an experience like no other and even though there are so many great things about studying a degree, there may come a time when it all feels like it is too much to handle, or if you feel like you’re struggling with stress or anxiety at university. If this is the case there… Read more »

What Undergraduates Hate About Their First-Year

hate about their first year - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

No matter what course you are taking or what university you go to, there are certain things all undergraduates hate about their first year. Take a look below and see how many you can agree with! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in everything else you need to know here on University Compare. We have… Read more »

Financial responsibilites students may forget

Attending higher education or making that really big decision to go to university is just the first opportunity to prove yourself an adult as an undergraduate student. With this new opportunity responsibilities, you thought never existed are going to arise and we have a list of financial responsibilities students need to remember – although there… Read more »

Should students punch above their weight: the benefits of hard work

University students are infamously known for their parties, drinking and bad sleeping habits. Even if an undergraduate chooses to nap every day instead of attending their one O’Clock lecture does that mean they’re not working hard enough? Some students work their timetable like a full-time job, whilst others ignore the responsibility and sail through university… Read more »

6 things students worry about

Applying for university and becoming a university student is a stressful time, and added on top of this stress will be other things on your mind. We know how it feels to be in your position and we have advice to keep your stress levels low – where they should be! We have the most… Read more »

The benefits of joining a University Society

Joining a university society offers students much more than becoming involved in something that interests you. It is an opportunity to learn new skills and be able to network and try something that is completely new and exciting. Planning events Societies host events, which could be only related and connected to themselves, or in relation… Read more »

The stuff students forget to buy

Becoming a student means a whole new lifetime of responsibilities, especially as it is your first time living away from home. With all these new responsibilities there will be natural and expected things that you will forget to do and especially buy. Read about the most important things that will skip your mind when shopping…. Read more »

Types of support at University

University is a big milestone in life and at times can prove difficult, however there is lots of support at university, from finance to learning how to write an essay which will make all of the difference to your studying life. Counselling If you speak to your personal tutor they will be able to pass… Read more »

The UCAS Application tips and advice

Another academic year has begun and that means it is time to apply to university (yay?). Not only is the journey of choosing universities and researching difficult, the entire UCAS process can seem really official and scary, so here are some UCAS application tips and advice to help you. Be honest Firstly, a really important… Read more »

What you need to get into university

University and the idea of obtaining a degree have changed severely from what it use to be hundreds of years ago. What use to be catered only for the elite holds a higher acquire ability in modern day society, and is available to individuals across all classes, gender and ethnicities. Even with the perceptions of… Read more »

Student drinking games

Starting university means a new start and new experiences and the introduction of student drinking games are at the top of the list of things you’ll learn! They are a great way to get to know people in a relaxed environment and to get the party started! Ring of Fire A drinking game that needs a… Read more »

What to look for when researching universities

Deciding which universities are going to make your top choices will be a hard decision as well as a long and tiring process and you will be researching universities a lot. Here are some tips on what to look for when researching universities, and you will see how important these key factors are on the… Read more »

How university is different to college

Most university students go straight into higher education from sixth form and college, but they rather heavily rely on or forget university is different to college, however, there will be a few things that you won’t miss about A Levels. We have the biggest changes you will face to keep you prepared for when that… Read more »

The types of teachers you get at university

You may be anxious about what types of teachers you get at university. Higher Education is full of all kinds of different people and this still applies to your teachers and tutors! They won’t all be like your old school teachers! Here are some you might get throughout your time studying… The boring one This… Read more »

The unspoken university library rules

The unspoken university library rules can be hard to understand. The library: It is a sanctuary or a prison for students. It houses all the love stories from Nuclear fusion to the film camera. To help you get to grips with library etiquette we have the top tips to keep you on top. The early… Read more »

Independent study – The Pros and Cons

Higher education requires a lot more dedication and discipline when it comes to studying and producing work. Although you will have to work on your deadlines (mostly) alone and complete the readings, when it comes to independent study there are pros and cons. Firstly, independent study is a term you may hear often when applying… Read more »

Students need to associate university with their future career

Students associate university with their future career, and often find themselves asking the question “Does going to university get you a good career?” but do not give enough thought and consideration into what they can do during their degree to really enhance their chances of being successful. There is so much you can do whilst… Read more »

Different learning techniques for students

Student life means a lot more work, with revision, tests, establishing revision techniques and essays to write, however, not every student benefits from the same type of learning. We have a few different learning techniques for you to try out and adapt to get you working at your best. Mindmap This may seem really obvious… Read more »

Good revision techniques

Now that you have applied for university it is time for the hard part – revising, revising, establishing revision techniques for exam season, oh and did we mention revision? Yes, after all the stress of applying and finding the perfect course at the right university you now have to pass the exams to the get… Read more »

The 8 types of procrastination

When it comes to studying, especially at university level where so much is left down to you and your willpower, there are many types of procrastination that you’re going to undoubtedly try out. Even if you believe you are the hardest working student at your institution, there will come a time when you just want… Read more »

Adjusting to university work

Studying at university level is very different from others, even courses vary from workload both physically and mentally. Fine Art degrees will feel like a completely different working environment than an English Literature degree. Even if you feel fully prepared you should be aware that universities expect your studying to be a full-time job type… Read more »

More to university than in the classroom

There is more to university than attending lectures, getting student discounts and seeing your bank account with a happy face the day student loans appear. There will be plenty of opportunities for life lessons to be learned at university. Attending university and/or moving away to a new city will open more opportunities for you than… Read more »

How to recover from illness at university

It will be a very smart move to learn how to recover from illness at university, because with Fresher’s Flu and the absence of your mum’s attention it can be hard to get well all by yourself. Being ill is never good for anybody but being ill at university and away from your friends and family… Read more »

What students should avoid at university

There are many things students should avoid at university, from unpaid bill costs to unnecessary travel. We have a list of ways for you to save that extra bit of cash as well as advice for student budgeting. Unplanned Overdraft An unplanned overdraft is when you go over the limit of credit in your account…. Read more »

What it is like being a student?

It is perfectly fine to watch all of the movies and TV shows that host students and envy their party lifestyle and watch them receive decent grades regardless of no effort being made. However, this isn’t a realistic portrayal of student life or what it is like to study a degree. So, if you’re wondering… Read more »

How long does it take to apply to university?

There is no straight answer to the question, “How long does it take to apply to university?’, and it is simply due to every person is different and is going to take a separate amount of time to come to their decision. It is vital that you don’t rush your decision or start the application… Read more »

Choosing a university is a personal choice

There are thousands of institutions – made up of universities and independent colleges – spread across the UK, that when it comes down to you choosing where to study narrowing the selection down can take a lot of time and research. After you have decreased the number to a handful of universities the only person… Read more »

How you’re actually going to study during university

University courses differ from one another, and no two classes are ever the same. Even if you are studying a similar course at the same university, or at another institution across the country you’ll find yourself learning in a contrasting way to your friends and classmates. Here are some examples of how you’re actually going… Read more »

How to get prepared for university

Students feeling anxious and nervous about starting university should know that all of these mixed emotions are completely normal. University is a big step and utterly different than what they have experienced before. If you are starting university in the next few weeks there are a few things you can do to get prepared for… Read more »

What You’re Going to Learn About Your Housemates

Learn about your housemates - students

Undergraduate students are flung together randomly, with no rhyme or reason, into Halls and Dorms for at least the first year of their course. You’re going to meet and somehow have to live a part of your university life with these new neighbours, and here is what you’re going to learn about your housemates during… Read more »