Month: November 2014

What to do after you submit your UCAS application

Many students spend weeks on their UCAS application, and all of that research and hard work can make you feel deflated after you submit it. If you are feeling unsure on what to do after you submit your UCAS application, there are many things you can now do to keep that motivation alive. Firstly, the… Read more »

The different emotions of writing a personal statement

For some students the personal statement is the biggest hurdle of the application procedure. Although some 18 year olds can find it easy to write about why they want to study at university and the reasoning behind their choices, for others it isn’t that easy to sell yourself to a big institution. These are the… Read more »

Why applying to UCAS can be annoying

In time you’re going to be applying to university and you’re able to click submit on your UCAS application and be capable of letting it all, temporarily, sit back at the back of your mind until results day. However, until that lovely morning arrives you’ll have to actually work on your answers and here is why… Read more »

What you’re not going to miss about A Levels

Once you being your journey of choosing a university and deciding what course you’re going to take, you’ll start to compare to what university has to offer you against your current studies – BTECs and A Levels. Here is a list of what you’re not going to miss about A Levels!   Freedom Even though… Read more »

How to get the best out of classroom lectures?

Each student learns differently (Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty of fresher’s advice available for people) and this is something that not all universities classes can accommodate. Whether you prefer to learn by doing, or by reading, you need to adjust your studying to ensure you get the best out of classroom lectures. Read some of… Read more »

The 19 stages of applying to university

The evenings are getting darker sooner and your deadline to apply for UCAS will be here before you know it. There are more stages of applying to university than you might have been aware of.

Do city universities offer more for students

Whilst in the confusing maze that is the UCAS process, applying to university and choosing where to study for university, there are questions you need to explore to ensure you make the right decision for you. If you are debating if city universities offer more for students then read some of the points below. There… Read more »

What you’re going to find hard at university: Part 2

When Fresher’s week draws to an end, the shot glasses are cleaned up, the cold and flu tablets taken, and the new undergraduates have begun hibernating in their beds, the real life of university will begin, and that can be exactly what living in halls is like. Higher education will hopefully be an entirely different… Read more »

The Different Emotions of Reading Week

different emotions of reading week - Community

There are so many different emotions of reading week, and it always starts out so well. However, after the days turn into nights and the week is almost over, how are you going to be feeling once it draws to an end? Are you starting university? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got some great articles to… Read more »

Why your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it

Rule number one: Your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it; trust us. You can attend university, work hard for three to four years and nearly drive yourself crazy and come out with a decent degree. However, that can build up resentment, issues with stress or affect your health. Even though university… Read more »

What not to do with your student loan

Student Loans have been in your accounts for at least 6 weeks now and we’re sure there are already some harsh lessons you’ve already learned! To guarantee that these things don’t happen again next term, read our tips on what not to do with your student loan – and some of them mean not spending!… Read more »

How to deal with difficult people at university

Unfortunately, there are difficult people in the world and they come in all shapes and sizes and pretty much everywhere and anywhere, and that also means, sadly, at university! Read our tips on how to deal with difficult people at university, so you stay sane during your degree! These difficult people can be anywhere, from… Read more »

How to split your life as a student

One of the hardest things that undergraduate students have to overcome is the new area of their life; university. Once you start your degree you might find it difficult to juggle your home life – family, friends and work – and your student life, which is made up of studying, lectures and adjusting to a… Read more »

What should students expect from their degree

There is a vast amount of information readily available online, in prospectuses and from word of mouth of what students should expect from their degree; but it’s not always that simple. As a student applying for university for the following year, or a fresh undergraduate at the start of their course, you’re going to have… Read more »

University: It’s personal to a degree

The experience you’re going to have at university will be like no other. It could be the first opportunity for you to move out and away, or live independently, or study something that you’re completely and utterly passionate about, the possibilities never end. It doesn’t matter that you might be the 35,679th person to sit… Read more »

Deciding on what degree to choose at university? Part 2

In the first part of ‘Deciding on what degree to choose at university?’, we answered some important questions about what types of degrees are available, and what you can study at university. In this second segment, we look at other options, such as intergrated and master’s degrees and what to do if you feel like… Read more »

Deciding on what degree to choose at university? Part 1

Once you start your journey of applying to university your thoughts, worries and questions are going to be flying all around in your head. It can seem overwhelming and feel like you are determining your entire future on this one choice, and what if you make a mistake? University does set you up for the rest… Read more »

Things to Do Now You’ve Moved Out

moved out - f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

Becoming an undergraduate and tasting freedom of your own place is one of the best things about university. The feeling of being utterly in control of all of your decisions and surroundings is fantastic, it makes you think, ‘Maybe I could get used to this grown-up stuff’, Here are some new things you’re going to… Read more »

How Students Waste their Time

students waste their time - Procrastination

It will never matter if you are in your first or last year at university, there will be times when students waste their time. You might prefer to call it procrastination, or that you’re just ‘busy’, but the bottom line will always be the same! Here are some examples of how a student wastes their… Read more »

Student Denial About their Spending Habits

spending habits - Diddy

One thing that you find you might do once you start university is spending too much on the wrong things, here are some examples of student denial about their spending habits. Have a read below and see if any of these apply to you! You don’t need to worry too much about spending money at… Read more »

What to expect from the first year at university

There is no guarantee what university will be like for every student but there are some things to expect from the first year at university, which we all go through in a type of ‘coming of student’ ritual ceremony. Have a read at what to expect now that you’re an undergraduate, take a look at… Read more »

Apps that Make Studying Easier

apps that make studying easier - apps

We all love apps to make our life that little bit easier, so we have found some great apps that will help you with your studying, whether it is making sure you don’t get distracted too easily or find it hard to get up in the morning! These apps are guaranteed to make your studying… Read more »