Month: December 2014

21 Snow sculptures to put your snowman to shame

Whether you were lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, snow is sometimes inescapable during the winter months and here are our picks of our favourite snow sculptures that put your snowman to shame! Warning: Pictures may make you green with envy!

The most disappointing endings of TV shows

There are TV shows, good TV shows and then there are the rare great TV shows that consume the nation, and sometimes the world! However not all endings can be as great as the beginnings and here is our list of the most disappointing endings of TV shows, that nearly ruined it completely.

Christmas expectations and their reality

We prepare ourselves for festivity every year with shopping sales, wrapping presents and watching T.V. movies on the cold evenings, but Christmas expectations are so much different to their realities! Check out our exposed Christmas expectations below.

The top 9 series’ last episodes that are too emotional to talk about

T.V. series become really important parts of our lives and when a great show ends, the last episodes are usually too much to handle – but we watch them anyway! Here are our top 9 series’ last episodes that are too emotional to talk about.

12 Celebrity Break Ups That Hurt Us Too

It can be hard to open the newspaper, tune into the internet or turn on the T.V. these days in worry of stumbling across a breaking news story of a famous break up. Here are some celebrity break ups that hurt us too, old and new! (Some wounds will never heal)

14 Memes About Leonardo DiCaprio Not Winning an Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Great Gatsby

Remember the weird world that existed before Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar? University Compare remembers! We remember the time when, before appearing in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2015 The Revenant. In that time, he had nominated performances in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street, not to mention his nominations for What’s Eating… Read more »

10 of the Worst commuters to sit next to on the tube

Sometimes you just want a peaceful and pleasant journey to work or wherever you are travelling to on the tube, but here are the worst commuters to sit next to you on the tube who can make or break the journey!

16 Actors then and now

It’s hard to picture the actors that play the characters that we all know and love to grow up and change! Here are some pictures of actors then and now, look at how different some of them are!

22 pets that are better than yours

These animals are off the scale when comparing them to your own, here are 22 pets that are better than yours!

14 Lies your parents told you growing up

If you think back through your childhood you’re bound to remember some of these lies your parents told you growing up which you didn’t question then! It’s crazy to see how many you accepted!

Top And Best Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas For Students

With re-freshers just around the corner, there is plenty to look forward too with your clubs and societies coming up with ideas for your new european and international recruits that may join in semester 2 at university. But lets separate real keeno’s against everyone else. If you follow our guide to the top fancy dress… Read more »

19 Things you can’t believe exist

In 2014 there really are some things you can’t believe actually exist! Somebody had to invent them for a reason, but we’re just not that sure what those reasons are! Have a scroll down at some really bizarre inventions!

9 First world problems that get you down

With all of the technology and things trending influencing us everyday, there are things that happen that are just first world problems that get us down.