Month: February 2015

11 reasons a single student is great

Attempting to juggle student life can be tough enough, especially if you have a messy relationship, break up or a heavy schedule to add to it! Here are  dramatic reasons being a single student has it’s perks. Look and learn, look and learn.

Are there degrees that lead to highly paid jobs?

The majority of students throughout schooling and college may have been told that unless they attend university and obtain a degree won’t be successful in life. This includes a decent job, a nice house and being able to live your life comfortably. However, with the vast amount of courses available are there degrees that lead… Read more »

Funniest tweets as inspirational posters

Some of the best words of wisdom can be found on the infamous social networking site Twitter. Here is the best selection of funniest tweets as inspiration posters.

14 times when spell check could have saved the day

Nothing is more embarrassing than spelling a word incorrectly, but in some cases the meaning is completely reversed. Here are some (rather cringy) mistakes when spell check could have saved the day. But if it did, we wouldn’t get to see these hilarious photos now would we?

Applying to university: Are Open Days important?

Open days are a vital part of the process of applying to university. A lot of students do not visit any of the universities from their list of top choices which can have an impact later on in their student life. Are Open Days important? Well, they can offer potential students the opportunity to look… Read more »

15 different thoughts from cats at bath time

Cats are now the rulers of the internet, they’re everywhere. However, they still haven’t come to terms with their nightly routine; here are some cats at bath time and what they’re really thinking.

14 students who must regret tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a big and personal decision, but sometimes it doesn’t go the way that we plan. Here are 14 students who must regret tattoos, if they don’t we do for them!