Month: March 2015

The day before student finance

When you become a student you begin to log how many days it is until your next loan instalment, and sometimes it can be really tough to realise how long you have to wait. Here is the day before student finance in emotions.

Am I going to be alone at university?

One of the biggest anxieties that undergraduate students face today when arriving at university is how lonely they are going to feel or be during their time studying. Its hard to know how to deal with the pressures of being alone at university, however, here is everything students need to know when it comes to… Read more »

Are all university degree courses the same?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of higher education courses that students can enrol and study throughout the UK. With that much variety and choice out there it can be hard to narrow down what you want to study and where you study it. However, it’s also tempting to tarr all similar courses with the… Read more »

What you expect revision to be like and it’s reality

By the time study week comes around before GCSE’s and A-Levels, we all have an idea of what it will  be like and swear on oath that we’ll follow the revision timetable that we spent 4 hours drawing up. However, here are 10 examples of what you expect revision to be like and it’s reality,… Read more »

Do students have to decide on their university choice now?

There are six months approximately until you hopefully start your new university course, and it might seem like a lifetime away but in reality, all students should be seriously considering their university options very soon. It seems bizarre to be this far ahead, but not only will the next few months pass you by like… Read more »

But my friends are going to another university?

University is, without a doubt, a very tough decision to make, with lots of other options and choices to make thereafter. Students have to decide on what university, course, residence and all sorts before they even take their exams in the summer. However, no matter what happens there may always be that speck of anxiety… Read more »

21 reactions your friend gets when you get into the same uni

Some of you may be receiving your offers already on UCAS Track, and even though the wait has been – or could be continually – awful, here are 21 reactions to when your friend gets accepted to the same uni!

When to apply for Student Finance?

When students begin the application process student finance is usually at the back of their mind, because of all the decisions they have to make along the way. Although you might think you can’t apply for student finance until after you’re a-level results, or when you definitely have a place but you don’t have to… Read more »

How is student life different at university?

What the majority of students find appealing when thinking about the possibility of university is this whole other life – the student life. This student life features freedom, nights out, responsibility and everything a young person can experience in their age of transforming into a functioning adult all wrapped up in one, it’s quite frankly… Read more »

What to do between now and results day

The whole UCAS process is a lengthy one, taking nearly up to an entire year from planning to confirmation from the university, and it can take a long time for students to learn how to prepare for university. Students begin thinking about their future in the autumn term of their final year at sixth form… Read more »

Are tuition fees as bad as they seem?

When potential students are browsing the university prospectus the price of the tuition fees can seem really daunting, and make university seem pretty much impossible to achieve (Although, there is a fair amount of student loan mythbusting going on these days). However, with all the stigma surrounding tuition fees and going to university after their… Read more »

6 Words All Students Say…

2015 is definitely here and even though we love all of these new words like brelfies and lumbersexual here are some words from the student dictionary we need to stop happening, like right now.