Month: April 2015

Helpful revision tips

Exams are just around the corner and just because school or college is nearly over doesn’t mean you should stop studying! Here are some helpful revision tips to set in place during your revision timetable to ensure you get those grades you’ve been working towards for two years and get working on your revision techniques,… Read more »

What students think they know about university

No matter if you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or even haven’t begun your studies in Further Education as of yet, there are so many things that we all think we know about university, and when the time comes we couldn’t be more wrong! Here’s our list below.

Questions to ask at a university open day

University open days can seem really daunting and confusing, but a really good way to ensure you get what you need out of the experience is to plan your questions and to make sure they are answered. Here are the questions to ask at a university open day in different categories to help you. Questions… Read more »

What you really want to tell student finance

When you start receiving offers and deciding what university you want to go to, that means its time to apply to student finance. Student finance is notorious for many things, but here are the things that you really want to tell student finance on your application but nobody does.

What students want to do on the last day of term

Now that exam season is pretty much here, that means that the last day of term is literally round the corner! What do you want to do when that day comes? We have some popular suggestions below!

What students expect from university

All undergraduates will admit that there were certain things they thought would and did happen when they started university, here are the top things students expect from university, but we won’t tell you if they really happen – because half the fun is finding out!

Exam season survival guide

All the information that you’ll ever need to know is right here, this is the exam season survival guide that we all should read before starting our revision. If you follow it closely then revising will fly by before you can say candidate number.

12 Emotions of School

Nobody can tell you how you feel when you enter, and leave that last lesson on the last day of school. Some will recall bliss, whilst others sadness, but after weeks of exams, and what felt like years of revising you will be happy regardless. Here are the emotions leading up to the last day… Read more »

How to beat exam stress

Exams can make the best of us transform into anxious creatures, and any student without the right preparation and routine can fail on the easiest papers. The most important thing for students to master – before their revision notes – is how to beat exam stress and how to pass your exams and ensure they… Read more »

How students really feel about UCAS Track

You may know the deadlines, the correct protocol and how to use UCAS Track but nobody ever tells you what it will really feel like – especially when you find yourself refreshing the same page 37 times on a Sunday afternoon. This is how students really feel about UCAS Track, bear in mind, individual sessions… Read more »

UCAS Track 2015 Deadlines

An annoying part of the application process to university is waiting to see if you’re going to university this year or not. However, there are still deadlines that you need to become aware of and write in your diary. Here are all the UCAS Track deadlines you need to know about. Firstly, UCAS Track is… Read more »

8 Ways To Not Revise

It can be really tough revising for exams, but there are many different ways to procrastinate during exam season – which we of course, do not advise – but here are our favourites!

23 Funny Exam Questions

Now that exam season is nearly fully upon us, here are some funny answers to exam questions that we all wish we had the guts to write – but we don’t. But we’re still really glad that someone did have! Alternatively, if you’re looking to see the universities in the UK and their respective tuition… Read more »

15 things you won’t miss about your teachers

Summer holidays are so close you can almost smell the ice creams and imagine sleeping in until 1pm each and every day. As the days draw closer there are certain things that you won’t miss about your teachers and these are our favourites. Warning: pictures can make students resent school.

Will university give you lots of debt?

A huge worry for a lot of potential or current students is debt and leaves many students asking, is a degree worth the debt? And with the price of tuition fees being as high as £9,000 at the moment it’s no wonder students are anxious! If you’re wondering ‘will university give you lots of debt?’,… Read more »

I don’t know what career I want to have

Deciding on your academic and even working future can sit hand-in-hand when choosing a university or degree course when leaving college or sixth form college, however, for students who don’t know what career they want to have after they graduate this can be really tough. All students need to base their decisions that work best… Read more »

What universities should I pick?

Although for some students it may feel that the worst part of the UCAS application process is over, it isn’t finished for good. There is still lots of decision-making moments ahead that can make any student’s head spin, for example, out of your choices you may be wondering: ‘What universities should I pick?’. To ensure… Read more »