Month: May 2015

10 things students love about university

Here are the top ten things that all students love about university, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll love them too!

8 things that make students cry

Students are tough and strong, almost like a new type of super race. Students have to live through harsh conditions of eating a can of baked beans for breakfast every day until reading week,and attending lectures on only 3.5 hours sleep the night before. But, there will be certain situations that will make students cry.

This is what it feels like coming out of your last exam

Exam season can be a drag and all you’re waiting for is for it to feel hot enough to mean school or college is over. However, this is what it feels like coming out of your last exam, and we have one word for it: winning!

13 things that are okay only because your best friends

Sometimes the only thing that can make everything okay is your best friend, and being BFFs can also mean that the relationship isn’t black and white – you’re practically family, but not. Here are things that are okay only because your best friends.

When should you attend university open days?

University open days occur throughout the entire year, institutions such as colleges and universities like to organise them to be all-year round so they seem available to all potential students and parents. You need to think about what questions you should ask at an open day, too. If you’re wondering; when should you attend university open… Read more »

8 things you take for granted after you move out

Each and every single one of us gets excited at the idea of moving away from our parents and being a ‘real’ grown up, and we fantasise about that day for so long. However, whether you are a student leaving the warm arms of your parents, or someone who wants to take that big step,… Read more »

13 things you miss from your childhood

Every 365 days we become a year older, and even though most of the time it only feels like another normal day has passed, we are in fact older. Here are all the things you miss from your childhood, and we miss them too! If only we have some sort of time travel hot tub thing… Read more »

What you would rather be doing instead of taking an exam?

Exam season is a tough time for any student, and even though you know you should be revising those difficult questions or to concentrate on your own paper instead of looking around the hall,  there are so many things you would rather be doing instead of taking an exam, and here they are.

What to do if you can’t decide on a university?

The end of school or college is stressful enough with A Level and BTEC exams, but it can seem even more daunting if you can’t decide on a university to attend the next year. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and we have some top tips to help you if you’re feeling rather indecisive now. A… Read more »

15 things you think during an exam

There are some rare people out there that actually enjoy exams, we know that they exist but we haven’t met them so far. Although, the majority of the population do not like exams so we have collected what you think during an exam and summed it up below.

Does going to university get you a good career?

Going to university can open up so many doors, create endless opportunities and offer wonderful experiences to each person that decides to go. But, with all this in mind there are still a few things that are uncertain about becoming an undergraduate, such as; does going to university get you a good career? This is… Read more »

15 thoughts you have when on hold to student finance

No student likes to be on hold to student finance, especially with their weird rock anthem solo hold music – which really doesn’t make it less painful. But here are 15 thoughts that you’re going to definitely have when you are on hold to student finance.

11 typical student excuses that are totally okay

One of the perks of becoming a student is being able to use some of these typical student excuses that are totally okay. We advise that you imprint them into your mind before summer is over so when you do become an undergraduate you are a pro!

11 times when you realised you were poor

There are so many times in life when you get to grab your purse and wallet and realised you were too poor. Nothing hurts more than checking your bank balance. Alternatively, if you’re looking to see the universities in the UK and see their geographical location, then check out our interactive university map. You can… Read more »

Revision techniques for exam season

Exam season can be one of the scariest points of the academic year. No matter if you have taken what feels similar to hundreds of tests, each time is different. The best set up to pass exams is to learn revision techniques, master them, and use them efficiently during exam season. Start revising early One… Read more »

18 Times You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

You don't want to get out of bed - Person in bed

Being in bed is always the best place to be, you don’t want to get out of bed. Getting out of it to go to work or university is the thing that always hurts the most. The time of uninterrupted slumber is always the time we feel happiest. We know this better than anyone, so… Read more »