Month: June 2015

16 things people say to media studies students

Having a variety of courses available is a wonderful part of being a student, however, with this range of study there sometimes seems to be a hierarchy of certain courses being seen as more ‘important’ or valuable than others! Here are the top things people say to media studies students!

17 sayings only 90s kids will know

Reminiscing is a wonderful past time and one of our favourites is thinking back to the 90s! Here are 18 sayings only 90s kids will know, although after reading through them you’ll probably want to block them for your mind now!

16 times education has let you down

Even though education can set you up for life there are timed education has let you down, and we hate that, so we have listed them here!

How to keep in contact at university

  One of the most daunting parts of the university process for many potential students is the idea that your life is going to change, or you might move far away and the life that you have come to know, along with your friends and family will disappear forever, it’s even worse when your friends are… Read more »

15 things you hate about school

We all know that education is good for us, it sets us up for life and teaches us priceless lessons about life – but that doesn’t mean we have to like it all the time. Here are the  things you hate about school.

Life quotes to motivate you every day

We all love quotes, and GIFs which is why we’ve included the top  life quotes to motivate each and every person. Nothing gets better than reading a quote and feeling on top of the world!

Getting ready for university part 2

In the first part of getting ready for university we looked at textbooks, important university information and how to spend your summer before autumn term starts. In this second instalment will look at documents and processes you should adopt to ensure the beginning of your higher education journey and getting ready for university comes with… Read more »

12 Times teachers were actually right

Throughout your entire life of schooling you hear teachers say a lot of things, and out of the years there are lots of good and not so good advice. But there are some occasions where they say the perfect thing. Here are 12 times teachers were actually right – and you’ll know it when the… Read more »

15 Things Nobody Understands About Exams

Nobody Understands About Exams - Books

No one enjoys exams, they’re boring, they take forever and they’re usually filled with silences that are only really punctuated with occasional coughs and that one person who keeps going to the toilet and there are parts that nobody understands about exams. We’ve dug deep into the world of the interweb to find the best… Read more »

17 Lies you believed growing up

Do you remember the lies you believed growing up? Parents would tell you anything to make you do something you didn’t want to do and now that you remember them – it makes you dislike them a little bit!

11 things parents don’t understand

Here are the top 11 things parents don’t understand, and in most cases it doesn’t even matter how many times you explain them – they never will.

Getting ready for university part 1

With results day looming around the corner the excitement of finishing your A Level or BTEC studies and the chance to go to university is at an all-time high. However, getting ready for university is important, and there are many things that this preparation can help your first few months at higher education past more… Read more »

12 Things students love about A Levels

Although being a student can be tough sometimes there are some things that students love about A Levels, and here they are below!

13 First world problems all teens face

Here are the most common first world problems all teens face in the modern 21st century! There are some that are too much to handle!

Alternatives to attending university

Reaching the age of 17 or 18 can be a tough time for most young people as most adults around them tend to ask what they have decided to do for the rest of their lives – although it isn’t that simple as they believe it is. Choosing the career for the rest of your… Read more »

10 Things Everyone Misses from School

Everyone Misses from School - Students

There are plenty of things that everyone misses from school, whether it be the time your teacher wheeled in the TV, decided to let you play games in the final week of the term while they lounged at the class or the times that you all used to be able to bring in films for… Read more »