Month: July 2015

24 things you can only share with your best friends

Friends don’t come easy and can be hard to find, but when you do you’ll find out there are only some things you can share with your best friends, and that is what makes them great in the first place. Do you and your best mate love turning up to parties in the best fancy… Read more »

17 Incredibly Embarrassing Moments

Being a teenager is hard enough than to have something that is absolutely life-ruining to happen, here are the most embarrassing moments to happen to every teenager that well would like to forget. If you liked this page, don’t forget to check out: 11 most embarrassing moments that happen at school. Alternatively, if you’re looking for… Read more »

21 times your best friend is there for you

Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives? Well, if you’re luck enough to have that special bae who is above and beyond the rest, listen up, as here are 22 times when your best friend is there for you and you need to appreciate.

19 favourite moments from school

Reflecting back on memories from time in education can be uplifting, happy and sad, and to celebrate the summer and another year ending we have some of the most popular favourite moments from school.

The best photobombs on the internet

Here are some of the best photobombs on the internet! Sit back and enjoy these animals and humans ruin what would have been a lovely photo for their own pleasure!

How to prepare for results day 2017

The summer is definitely upon us and that also means results day 2017 is pretty much here too, but there are many emotions that arrive along with this day. Most students would have had some experience of receiving results from GCSE results a couple years earlier, but A Level and BTEC qualifications can feel even… Read more »

Embarrassing nights out that you want to forget

We have some of the worst photos of the embarrassing nights out that you want to forget, and probably want to pray very, very hard that they never happen to you ever.

16 things you hate about school

What are the top things you hate about school? We have compiled a list that has affected, sadly, the majority of students around the world. Alternatively, if you’re looking for help with your personal statement, then check out our personal statement editor, which will help you write the best personal statement that you can! You… Read more »

My friend is going to another university?

Completing secondary school and college with your nearest and dearest by your side can make it all that worthwhile. You make wonderful and amazing friendships during these years which can be tough to break, but when the decision of what university to attend comes along it can be difficult to come to grips with the… Read more »

12 times you wish you were an only child

Here are some of the many times you wish you were an only child, and for some reason it would never happen. The best of the worst of having a sibling.

Clearing advice 2017

Results day is a scary enough adventure without the chance of students not receiving the grades that they were expecting. Here is all the Clearing advice 2017 that you’ll need just in case you didn’t get the grades you need to get into your first choice. Don’t Panic Firstly, the most important piece of advice… Read more »

90s kids favourite toys from their childhood

Here are some of the best 90s kids favourite toys from their childhoods, and they even totally rock now. There is no way that any toy or gadget from 2000 onwards can beat these gems.

9 things you miss about being a student

Studying and being deemed a student isn’t the easiest and most fun lives to live, however there are things you miss about being a student when summer arrives or you continue on to the next stage of education.

10 things you wished happened at school

We’re pretty sure that everybody knows these things that you wished happened at school during their lives being a student – no matter how old you are, these were always at the top of your list!

11 ways the invigilators in exams distract you

Exams can be annoying and distracting for most students but the worst part of it all are the different ways the invigilators in exams distract you, and literally put you off your game!

11 things that annoy you everyday

The top 11 things that annoy you everyday and for some reason, they can happen nearly each and everyday no matter how hard you pray for them not to occur!

14 embarrassing things to happen to you

Here are the most embarrassing things to happen to most people, but especially for teenagers who seemed to be surrounded by adults who don’t understand the modern world, or friends who just suck.