Month: August 2015

16 best things about college

Every experience we go through has the ups and downs that we end up remembering forever, and now that summer is here we have the best things about college here for you to reminisce about the good times, which you have most probably shared with your best friend.

15 embarrassing Facebook statuses

Sometimes the best part of even being on social media is seeing the most embarrassing Facebook statuses that others post. Here are some of the best!

Your feelings on Results day told by Meerkats

It feels like another year has passed but it has only been ten days since you received your results, and we know that it would have been a very emotional day for you. So we have your feelings on results day here but we lightened the mood with a Meerkat or two, and to help… Read more »

11 excuses to not leave the house

Now that the summer is officially here (check out that sunshine!) we love learning more excuses to not leave the house and now that we have them we knew we needed to pass it on to you.

How to apply for student finance during Clearing

With only a few weeks before the university term starts, and your journey through Clearing and results day taking up a lot of your time, students can easily forget about funding and student finance. If you haven’t got your application in then you can still apply – but you need to complete it as soon… Read more »

How to call up universities on Results day

Results day and Clearing is a busy time of year for students and universities. Most institutions run Clearing hotlines on results day and there afterwards and students can find their telephone numbers on their websites. What you need before you call Students should have their grades, UCAS Tariff points and their UCAS personal ID and… Read more »

Study at the University of Bedfordshire

This results day consider the University of Bedfordshire as your home for the next three to four years. The university likes to offer more than a degree to their students, and in fact, their students ranked the university as the number one in the entire country for improving student experience. They care about you guys… Read more »

Study a sports-based career at UCFB

UCFB offers degree courses in Sports and Leisure Industries and football, so if you have the right amount of passion which you know means more than just kicking a ball around then choosing to study a sports-based career at UCFB might be the right step for you. UCFB is a world first in higher education,… Read more »

Why choose Anglia Ruskin University?

This results day consider Anglia Ruskin University as a stepping stone towards your path to success. Not only does the university offer city centre campuses, social clubs and societies and happy students, it cares about your studies and your future. ARU’s lecturers were rated as part of the most enthusiastic and interesting in the UK… Read more »

16 of the worst school photos ever taken

Want to see some awful pictures? Well we’re pretty sure this collection is part of the worst school photos ever taken, for so many reasons. We advise people to be warned before scrolling down the page!

19 Times cats distracted your studying

We all love cats, hell the internet loves cats, but there are times when we don’t love them and that includes when cats distracted your studying.

90s trends we don’t want to come back ever

There are some wonderful parts of history that we would love to repeat themselves, however, there are certain 90s trends we don’t want to come back ever.

19 times spelling nearly ruined your life forever

Everybody loves and loathes technology at the same time, and no matter how great it is at performing everyday tasks, there are times when spelling nearly ruined your life forever and it makes you want to live in the woods.