Month: September 2015

University: Expectations Vs Reality

Nobody can really know what their student experience will be like when they begin studying, however we have the top 10 most common university expectations for students and their reality to give you a heads up of what it will be like when you start!

Fresher’s week: Drink. Eat. Rave. Repeat

Thousands of first year undergraduates are packing and preparing themselves for Fresher’s week. The weirdest and most wonderful costumes are already packed, the playing cards are handy and the banter is set on high. Here is what Fresher’s week is really like: Messy There isn’t a better word when explaining what Fresher’s week is like… Read more »

How far are you willing to go to university?

Should students stay or should they go? This is an important question that needs to be answered when potential university students decide that they wish to obtain a degree. The location of an institution is just as important as what degree course a student is studying, and what university they choose to attend. Location of a… Read more »

10 different housemates you’ll meet at university

University is a great place to meet like-minded and fellow students, and although you’ll get on with most of them there will be some people who you don’t believe exist! Here are the different housemates you’ll meet at university.

How students feel about student finance

Student loans seem to keep the majority of students afloat during their time at university and the jokes and memes about students and budgeting are in fact true. Money and student lifestle does not go together. At all. Here is how students feel about student finance and how much of their lives depend on that… Read more »

Fresher’s Advice for first year students

It is vital for students to feel prepared for university, and during the first few weeks of term once they become undergraduates. Higher education is different to previous academic experience and students should feel comfortable in their new surroundings. The best Fresher’s advice for first years focuses on socialising, budgeting and understanding comfort zones. Budgeting Budgeting is key in every… Read more »

Fresher’s pranks

Student nights and ‘meets and greets’ aren’t the only things that can occupy the first few weeks of university. With spirits stacked high and most young people enjoying themselves at the start of term Fresher’s pranks can and often occur. Here are some pranks to memorise and keep an eye out of because they could… Read more »

What Fresher’s is really like

University is an exciting time for many young individuals who have just completed college or sixth form, and although they understand on a basic level what to expect from this academic experience it is hard to gage what Fresher’s is really like. Social activity There will be lots of people who you’ll meet in the first… Read more »

15 social media fails

We have scoured the internet to find some of the best social media fails to humour us all on a rainy day. Take a look at some of our favourites below!

12 things all 00s kids did

There are many things to be proud of if you were born in 2000 and after, however there are other things that nearly all 00s kids did growing up and here is the best of them.

21 dogs loving life

Everybody loves dogs – even the internet loves dogs! Here are 21 dogs loving life who are rubbing in how much fun they have each and every day.

8 excuses for not doing homework

Nobody enjoys homework and no matter how many years you complete at school and college, it never seems to get easier! Here are the best excuses for not doing homework we can think of!