Month: October 2015

How good is your teacher?

Teachers are finding it harder to inspire, encourage and engage with their students, especially as the years pass and they collect more rings in the middle. Although teachers who are older and have been in the profession longer have the advantage of more experience and student interaction, is their teaching methods at a disadvantaged because… Read more »

Students are not prepared once they graduate

When the discussion of university, employment and graduates comes up the ideal reality of having a decent job once you graduate springs to mind and the dream begins to appear. However, attending university doesn’t guarantee every student that they will receive a decent job at the end of it – but it does help you… Read more »

How to really write an essay

Beginning a journey into the higher academic world of university can be daunting for most and the differences between previous education disciplines shine through. There are many forms of assessment and studying at university, but one of the most common includes writing an academic essay. These essays vary from what students are familiar with due to marking criteria being… Read more »

Are Universities Obsessed with Grad Statistics?

grad statistics - blackboard

One of the biggest questions floating around higher education today is, what should a student expect to receive for paying as much as £9,000 a year? Some young people may answer; a good job, a decent degree, or a chance to study something they show interest in, however, are these the only concerns undergraduates should… Read more »

Should students pay more for studying art?

There has been a long-winded debate regarding tuition fees and what students receive in exchange for their payments towards their degree course, and with interesting information leaking from student newspaper, Epigram of the University of Bristol last year, the debate could become heated. The student newspaper published figures after obtaining a freedom of information request which… Read more »

The Real Price of University

real price of university - students

It may be common form for some first-year students to not completely remember their first few weeks of university and this can be down to drinking games, late nights and addictive napping that occurs during Fresher’s week. However, are you really getting your money’s worth at university? What is the real price of university? The… Read more »