Month: January 2016

Studying a textbook or the Kardashians?

Last November the most famous family on the planet made news and it wasn’t due to their regular antics. In a world first, Brunel University held an academic conference on the Kardashians discussing the hypnotising effect the family has had on the Earth and those who inhabit it. Would you rather be studying a textbook… Read more »

48 Things You Could Have Bought with Your Student Loans

Here are some of the things that you could have bought with your student loans if you didn’t go to university and saved all of the money you would have used to pay off your debt. The current average debt for undergraduate students is £44,035, and here is what you could have bought with student… Read more »

Student life hacks

Student life hacks are sometimes the only things that help students to pass those exams and to get that degree. They are little hacks that make life as a student that much easier and able to withstand. We have collected some of the best student life hacks and brought them to you below:

What does your degree say about you?

Have you ever wondered what your degree says about you, your personality or even your career ambitions? Students who meet their peers on courses or around campus always seem to ask “What degree are you studying?” and you can tell that they are now instantaneously judging you and your degree. Although all degrees should be… Read more »

Who doesn’t benefit from lad culture?

The phrases lad culture and banter have been thrown around frequently in the past few years, and with the National Union of Students (NUS) investigating lad culture last year, the discussion is still active. Many institutions lack the policy to address the problems that lad culture may bring during university. While the work of student unions… Read more »

Internet hacks for students

Studying for a degree can be a tough job for students, and the only thing that will make it easier – than just out right studying all day – are these internet hacks for students, which will save your life. Trust us.

What you really mean in your personal statement

Personal statements may feel like a death sentence when it comes to UCAS applications, and although you have poured over yours for what seems like an entire academic year, you might find that your friends and college peers have included similar insights within theirs, and everything that you put into your personal statement may not… Read more »

UCAS Deadlines 2017

Important UCAS and application dates for prospective students are hoping to apply to university during this academic year. Now that Christmas break is officially over, many students should be concentrating on perfecting their 2017 UCAS application for the deadline on 15th January. January 15th 2017 The January deadline is for most undergraduate degree course applications,… Read more »

10 creative ways to get a graduate job

The early months of the year tend to get third year students and graduates feeling worried, anxious and determined to find a job once they leave university. Although it may seem that there are the usual and common ways to get a graduate job – which includes filling out application forms, sending off a CV… Read more »

Exam Questions that confused the world in 2015

As we start a new year we’d like to reflect on the top exam questions that confused the world in 2015. We all like to think of ourselves as savvy, smart and intellectual beings, but these perspectives can be easily brought down when the internet provides us with difficult questions. How many of these exam… Read more »

Interview Mistakes to Avoid

interview mistakes to avoid - students

The nation is obsessed with programmes such as The Apprentice, and dream of becoming the next entrepreneur, and why should we be obsessed? The whole idea of being able to create the next big thing is an enticing one to people, and students often have entrepreneurial ideas because they don’t know what career they want… Read more »