Month: February 2016

What people really think about your degree course

The hopes and dreams of a Fresher and a first year student may have dissolved slowly throughout the time it takes to obtain a degree, and although we are all insanely proud of our hard work during the three years, we do judge ourselves a little bit. Others are likely to judge us to on… Read more »

What you’re really going to spend student loans on

How students spend student loans differs from each individual – although the thought processes behind the purchases are pretty similar. Students do not like to admit that a lot of their expenditure is wasted, where they tend to spend money on things that they do not need, want or even understand why they bought it…. Read more »

Money-saving tips for students

Budgeting and trying to save money as a student can be as hard as passing the degree itself! Here are some of the best money-saving tips for students who have no idea how to save money.

Should you start university in a relationship?

Students who will be entering higher education may not know what the future holds for them, and that includes their partner if they are in a relationship. Should students work at making their relationship work, or become single and ready to mingle? Plenty of students ask the same question, every year, should I go to… Read more »