Month: May 2016

21 things students do when they’re poor

Student loan day is the busiest time for the Student Union – we all love those cheap shots! – and even though three weeks later most of those students have spent their entire loan, these are the things all students do when they’re poor.

29 times first years loved living at uni

First years have a lot to look forward to, from Fresher’s week to meeting people from all walks of life, but one of the things that first years love is living at uni and having that ultimate sense of freedom that comes with it.

23 things students wish they were doing instead of revision

The list is endless regarding what students wish they were doing instead of revision, but we have compiled the top contenders which may feature on the majority of the lists out there. Read the desires of students below and let us know in the comments if they are in your top ten.

22 wishes students have about graduation

Passing that degree and walking towards the podium is a big dream for most undergraduate students, and although we believe it will look just like a Hollywood movie, there are some things we wish we could do at graduation to make it that more memorable than any other student memory.

35 University myths every student believes

When students start thinking about attending university, they start researching certain aspects of the student lifestyle and have conversations with their friends. During these events university myths start to fly around and you’ll believe that obtaining a degree is either really hard, really easy or really expensive. Most information about university is true, except for… Read more »

20 things Fresher’s love about university

Fresher’s week is one of the best times for all students who decide to study at university, and although the next three years may be tough academically, mentally and emotionally, there are lots of things Fresher’s love about uni.

29 times students can’t actually afford uni

Even though university is quite expensive, we are privileged to have the opportunity to apply for student loans and tuition loans to fund our higher education ambitions. Regardless of how mega-rich student loan day makes every student feel three times a year, there are times that it feels that you can’t actually afford uni.

26 diva moments students have at university

Becoming an undergraduate student at university offers many opportunities to become a fully fledged adult who accepts their responsibilities, however, there may be times when those diva moments take over. Read through our list of pure student diva moments below and let us know in the comments if you’ve done them!

26 things every drunk student does

Fresher’s week and cheap nights at the SU whilst at university make up the highlight for an undergraduate. Here are the best things every drunk student does during their nights out, and once the dirty pint has settled and taken effect.

25 ways students really procrastinate

No university deadline would be as fun, nerve-wrecking and adrenaline-fuelled if a student hadn’t procrastinated for three weeks prior to the due date. Coursework seems to be completed faster when you know you have to spend an entire night at the library with a can of Red Bull as your only social interaction. Here are… Read more »

32 things students wish they can say to enemies

Students will definitely find frenemies either within their dorm, shared housing or their classroom when they start university. Although you may wish to become a diplomatic and respected adult at university, there are still times when you wish you could say what you feel. We understand what you’re feeling so we have compiled all of… Read more »

33 Ways to waste time at university

A life of a student is a difficult one, full of deadlines, daydreaming about the future and burning the candle at both ends. Although many people believe that students have it easy at university, they do earn the right to procrastinate and to spend their days accomplishing very little, and to then rush to achieve… Read more »

29 things every student does on a gap year abroad

All of the cool kids out of college and sixth form are choosing to take a gap year abroad to ‘discover’ themselves before they party through their degrees. No matter how hard they try to have a unique experience overseas, all students tend to do the same things on a gap year abroad.

27 satisfying ways to not survive a gap year

During the final year at school, or college when the conversations regarding the future fly around your friendship group, the words gap year will probably be mentioned at least once. A gap year is a break that students decide to take between levels of education, usually between A-Levels and undergraduate degrees. You’ll hear about amazing… Read more »

18 Amazing memory hacks for exams

Revision season is typically the most hated time of year for any student at any academic level (for sure). To help you with your timetable and the vast amount of revision that you need to learn for two months of intense testing, we have amazing memory hacks for exams that will allow you to remember all… Read more »