Month: June 2016

30 things every student does with their housemates

Meeting your new dormmates is great fun during those first few weeks at university, and here are the top things that ever student will find that they do with their new found housemates!

22 ways to take control over your student loan

Understanding bills, financial responsibilities and direct debits is difficult, especially as all of these adult responsibility is thrusted onto students a few weeks after Fresher’s. However, we want to help you understand how to take control over your student loan and leave university with just the standard amount of debt!

22 distractions from your student debt

Here are some top distractions from your student debt to allow you to forget to add up how much your degree is costing you. You are welcome!

20 people you are going to meet at uni

The first few weeks of university will be full of parties, drinking and socialising fo’ sho’, and although you’re going to meet lots of people that are just like you, and others who are not, we have a list of people you are going to meet at uni – no matter where you go!

26 regrets student’s have when packing for uni

What to decide to take to university can be really tough, especially when you are extremely excited by the sense of freedom and identity. However, make sure you avoid these mistakes when packing for uni or it make the ordeal more difficult than it needs to be!

21 Things students do on an Open day

Visiting one of your choices on your UCAS application will help to make your decision on what university to attend. Although the open day can be really helpful, there are certain things that every student does on an open day – both good and bad! Read the different possibilities below and find out what you… Read more »

24 Thoughts on a fresher’s first day at uni

These are the top thoughts that happen on a fresher’s first day at uni, from who they will become to the people they loathe in their dorm.

25 things that happen when you pre-drink at uni

Going out on the town is always successful when you decide to have a pre-drink at uni, and there are things that are guaranteed to happen to most students during this messy activity!

41 Life hacks for students at university

Students, especially Fresher’s, need all the life hacks they can to get through three budget-saving years at university, and any life hack will save time, money, and effort!

22 exam motivation tips for students

GCSE and A-Level season may nearly be over, however, you might still be in need for exam motivation tips for students to get you through the last hurdle full of exam-conditioned testing.

23 times the Kardashians were just like students

The Kardashians are known for their lifestyle, and what they get up to on a daily basis, however, their activities and outlook on life is similar to a student’s life. We have 23 times the Kardashians were just like students, and right every time.

32 thoughts students have about group projects

University will provide students with enough independent learning and reading material to last a lifetime, and although each student is different at what they prefer to do on their course, there does seem to be a unanimous vote against group projects. Here are the top things students feel and think during group projects at university.