Month: July 2016

Weird students you’ll meet at university

University is full of people from all areas of life who have different opinions and perspectives on the world, and although this is a good thing, it also means there will be people you’ll meet who you’ll find to be really weird students!

What it is really like joining a university society

Many students when they start university sign up to a university society (or more than one) and the majority of the time will not attend more than one meeting. There are some students who find great groups to join and become very active in that university society, but, what is it like to actually join… Read more »

The real relationship students have with their student bank account

Each and every student has a complicated relationship when it comes to their student bank account, and although you may feel you can work through it during the three years, there will be bad and good times – just like any relationship – when it comes to your student bank account.

18 things that happen to students on results day

Results day for most students can pass them so quickly because the adrenaline and nerves took over, and although you may feel anxious for most of the day, there are certain things that seem to happen to most students on results day! Check them out below!

14 feels a poor student has

Some may argue that every student is a poor student at heart – especially the week after student loans have been paid! Even though you may have to learn the art of making as many meals from using baked beans as the main ingredient, in reality, being a poor student isn’t that bad!

What moving into student halls is like

When what you have been planning to arrive for months arrives, it will fly by so quickly that you won’t have time to notice where the time has gone! This is what moving into student halls is like on the first day of university!

9 ridiculous student meals you’ll love

Unfortunately you won’t become the next Gordon Ramsay when you start at university, and although you feel that you will somehow survive without knowing how to boil an egg, you will become adventurous when it comes to your student meals, and your relationship with food will change, probably not for the better!

What your last day at university will be like

Starting university is a great experience that will stay with you for decades to come, and although you will change an incredible amount during those three to four years whilst studying for your degree, your last day at university may be really different in the end!

21 reasons being a student is the best

There is no doubt that everybody is going to tell you that the time you have at university will be the best years of your life! There are many reasons on why being a student is the best, but we have collected some of the top examples to let you know you are making the… Read more »

22 examples of having the worst housemates at uni

Finding out that you have secured a place at halls, or housing during your time at university can be really reassuring, and although you’re not entirely sure who you’ll end up with during first year, we have tips on how you can find out if your neighbours are in fact the worst housemates ever!

18 mistakes all Freshers make

Freshers will be fuelled by alcohol, laughter and probably daily hangovers, and although the goal of the first few weeks of university is to settle in and become comfortable, there are common mistakes all Freshers make at the beginning of term!

20 things you didn’t expect at uni

Although every student has their own individual experience at university, there are some things that you can and won’t expect at uni, or if they will happen to you at all! Here are some top examples of what to expect at uni when you start this year!

17 things that will happen on your first day at uni

Every student loves their first day at uni, either because of the induction lessons, social events or the atmosphere of Fresher’s week! We have some things that will happen on your first days at uni to help you understand what to expect!

25 tips on how to mentally prepare for uni

It can be tough when trying to organise everything for university, and although you understand that it is a big change in your life, there are lots of things you need to do to mentally prepare for uni and that new chapter.

Fresher’s guide to food

Some students forget about the food aspect when it comes to going away to university, therefore, we have the ultimate Fresher’s guide to food for all first years who are yet to master the art of student cooking and food shopping!

13 Essential apps for university students

Apps for university students are made to make your life easier, whether it is in the financial, social and educational aspect of your life. Scroll down to find out how to manage the important areas of your life.

22 money saving tips for first years

University teaches students a lot more life-changing information than what is noted in the classroom. We have collected some money saving tips for first years during their time at university.

21 things students really learn at uni

Obtaining a degree will give you more insight than how to apply for a graduate job after graduation day – if you want to find out what you can really learn at uni, then read our inspiring list below to find out!

22 of the best things about attending university

Apart from a sense of freedom and moving to a new place, there are some other aspects that we consider to be the best things about attending university! Read our top list below!

25 examples of how uni isn’t what you expected

The excitement of starting university tends to stay with you long after Fresher’s week hangovers have dispersed, and although you can never really guess what being a student will feel like, there are times when uni isn’t what you expected. Here are the top examples of when university, or your course has let you down!

19 decorations for your student dorm room

Prospective students underestimate the pure joy that can come from planning the decorations for your student dorm room, when preparing the big move to their new campus home. We have some of the best ideas to help you make your small place of freedom and responsibility feel more homely and independent!

27 things we all do getting ready for a night out

Getting ready for a night out, especially as a student is a tough process that we all have to go through. From outfit changes and your make-up not coming out right to finding time to pre-drink before the taxi arrives! Here are the most common things that we all do when getting ready for a… Read more »

16 things bound to happen at a fancy dress party

Sometimes a fancy dress party can make your week, month, or even year if it was a top-notch theme, however, there are certain things that seem to happen at nearly every single one of them! Read below to see the most common things that happen at a fancy dress party.

23 times The Simpsons were right about school

We all loved the show and can recall sitting down at 6pm every evening for the new instalment of the comedic family on our screens. However, we have realised that there were times that The Simpsons were right about school!

14 things you wish your university had

There will always be students who either love or hate things about their university, and there will forever be things you wish your university had too – because you either saw something cool online, or heard a silly rumour!