12 Emotions of School

Nobody can tell you how you feel when you enter, and leave that last lesson on the last day of school. Some will recall bliss, whilst others sadness, but after weeks of exams, and what felt like years of revising you will be happy regardless. Here are the emotions leading up to the last day of school that we all should expect.

1. Acting out when your mum still wakes you up for school

2. Disbelief that this is the final year

3. Pretending you're going to stay BFFs with everyone

4. Then you realise it's nearly May

5. And that means it's practically summer

6. But you remember you still have to go to school

7. And you can't revise anymore

8. Like, at all.

9. But, there is always one to pick you back up

10. And you visualise hanging out with your friends all summer

11. And you just can't wait for it to happen

12. You let everyone know this is it!