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10 signs it’s the end of the semester

10 signs it’s the end of the semester

10 signs it’s the end of the semester

The months of April and May are hated by students across the country. Nights out and lazy days are replaced by early mornings and productive library sessions. As we are now well in the midst of the deadline period we’re sure you can all relate to these ten signs it’s the end of the semester (and for all of you reading this from the library, get back to work.)
Number 1
You are on a constant energy high, your local shop has sold out of energy drinks and your room has transformed itself into a place where cans of Monster and Redbull go to die.

Number 2

You are getting soft around the middle, all that hard work you put in at the gym throughout the year is slowly diminishing as you live off a diet of caffeine, dominos pizza, Haribo and cheesy chips.

Number 3

You have not seen your flatmates in half a day and you are missing the luxury of going into the next room, lying in their bed instead of your own and doing nothing.

Number 4

You find yourself making a mental hit list of people who think it’s necessary to tell the rest of the library how much work they have completed. Oh, you’ve finished two assignments whilst I’m still working on the introduction? Thanks for that.

Number 5
The fluctuating weather means nothing to you as you find yourself in the same pair or shorts you were wearing when it was 21 degrees the previous week. Who cares that it’s snowing in May and who cares that those shorts haven’t been washed in two weeks; there is work to be done.

Number 6
You find yourself indulging in secret pleasures behind the confines of your laptop. It’s OK to listen to Psy’s new song on Youtube as long as nobody can see or hear you.
Number 7
You find yourself pining for that familiar Thursday morning hangover. You cannot remember the last time you had a decent night out and you’re longing to drink a couple lad bombs (vodka red bull with a Jagerbomb) and forget all responsibilities.

Number 8

You set up camp in the library and it has become your temporary home. You spend endless hours in the same spot; the sun sets and rises and your only reason for leaving is to grab a quick McDonalds breakfast.

Number 9

You’re constantly tired and form a love/hate relationship with your alarm clock. You appreciate it helping to wake you up after a twelve-hour stint in the library, but at the same time have to resist every temptation to throw it at the wall. Unfortunately, snoozing is not an option.
Number 10
It comes down to the crunch when you have twelve hours until you need to hand in your assignments. You will spend six of these hours staring at the document and devising ways to apply for an extension/fake your own death. A further two hours rechecking your word count to find it hasn’t increased, and the last four hours you will miraculously write the best work of your academic life. We’re not sure why it happens this way, it just does.


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