10 things you wished happened at school

We’re pretty sure that everybody knows these things that you wished happened at school during their lives being a student – no matter how old you are, these were always at the top of your list!

1. Being able to express yourself whenever you felt like it

2. Doing whatever you wanted

3. Everybody being nice to each other

Like come on guys

4. Having the choice to never go back there again

5. School dinners or lunch being free

6. Having the courage to break down so people ask if you're okay

7. Understanding what your grades actually meant to you and your life

8. Be able to tell people they were weird

Because come on, they really were

9. Choose your own type of transportation

10. People getting up and starting to sing and dance

It happens in musicals and movies why not in high school?

What are your top things you wished happened at school?