15 things you won’t miss about your teachers

Summer holidays are so close you can almost smell the ice creams and imagine sleeping in until 1pm each and every day. As the days draw closer there are certain things that you won’t miss about your teachers and these are our favourites. Warning: pictures can make students resent school.

1. When the teacher is one step ahead of you

2. When they constantly tell you how to live your life

3. When you have to be on your best behaviour for nearly 6 hours a day

4. When they talk too fast

5. When the substitute teacher cannot control the class

6. When the bell has rung and you're not allowed to go

7. When they try to join in

8. When they punish your friends as well as yourself

9. When they tell you you can pass

10. When you see them get angry that one time

11. When they don't see that they're being weird

12. When they can see everything

13. The fact that they never do anything like this

14. When you know for a fact that they're telling a lie

15. When they try to be cool

What are you going to miss and love to say goodbye to when school is over? Let us know below!