11 excuses to not leave the house

Now that the summer is officially here (check out that sunshine!) we love learning more excuses to not leave the house and now that we have them we knew we needed to pass it on to you.

1. Bed

This is pretty simple and the most important

2. You know that you can do all the things you need to do in a matter of minutes

Those chores? Pssh I'll get them done later

3. The internet


4. Remembering how much you don't like people

5. Or that awkward party you went to that one time

Yes, we don't need a repeat of that

6. Online is our friend

And that is all we need right now

7. There are crazy people out there

Just waiting for you to step out of the house

8. This is the only time you'll get to re-watch every show


9. Netflix

'Nuff said

10. People criticise you if they see you

So we just choose not to see other people and skip this part

11. Kanye West

Sometimes we just need a little break from you Kanye, we sure you understand

What are your favourite excuses to not leave the house?