11 things that annoy you everyday

The top 11 things that annoy you everyday and for some reason, they can happen nearly each and everyday no matter how hard you pray for them not to occur!

1. Your battery is low

and you might be so close to your phone dying and no way near your charger

2. When someone gets all up in your face

Verbally or physically of course

3. When the world is just against you

4. When all you see are positive pictures everywhere

Maybe I want to be angry okay?

5. When people need to get a room online, like totally

6. When attention seeking status' exist

7. "What's wrong?", "I'll inbox you"

URGH. Sound familiar?

8. It was the best slice in the world

9. Right, thanks?

10. Why does God hate me today?

11. No Wifi? Am I in 1992?

What are your top things that annoy you everyday? Comment below!