11 ways the invigilators in exams distract you

Exams can be annoying and distracting for most students but the worst part of it all are the different ways the invigilators in exams distract you, and literally put you off your game!

1. Well this probably didn't happen but the hypocrisy of the invigilators!

2. When they think you all are cheaters

3. When they don't understand they put you on edge

4. When they constantly walk in between your table

5. What if they're a spy and cheating?

6. When the invigilator wastes more time trying to get everyone's phone

You just want to get this exam over and done with

7. When the invigilators talk at the front or back of the room

Like they have no reason to be silent

8. When they think you are cheating when you obviously are not

But don't even see the person next you blatantly copying!

9. They either have a squeaky shoe or cough

10. Or trip up whilst walking down the aisle

11. Or they look like a character or a family member

And it just turns out weird

Do you remember any times the invigilators in exams distracted you during school or college?