12 things all 00s kids did

There are many things to be proud of if you were born in 2000 and after, however there are other things that nearly all 00s kids did growing up and here is the best of them.

1. Being enigmatic on your MSN title

2. WrItInG LyK DiS AlL ThE TiME aNd NoT GiViNg a DaMn

3. Denying that you were a chav

Come on - can you admit it now?

4. Playing Sims for days on end


5. Believing you were an anarchist

Because you listened to Green Day 'American Idiot'

6. Sending notes to your friends in class

Even though you had nothing to say

7. Downloading 1000s of songs illegally

And every single one of them were horrible quality

8. Highlighting everything when revising

Because you believed it would help you learn everything

9. Choosing your Myspace Top 8 was more serious than choosing your options

10. Wearing Ugg (fake Ugg) boots until you broke your ankle

11. Putting your earphones through your clothing

So the teacher wouldn't know you were listening to music

12. Hating that your CD walkman couldn't fit into any of your pockets

It never stopped you though

Are there any things you remember that 00s kids did?