12 times you wish you were an only child

Here are some of the many times you wish you were an only child, and for some reason it would never happen. The best of the worst of having a sibling.

1. When your sibling has their turn

2. When they try to kill you

3. When they talk you into doing something stupid

4. When your wishes doesn't happen

5. When you are referred to as the 'other one'

6. When they want you out

And literally

7. When they do stupid stuff to scare you

And it always scares you

8. When they tell you it was a good idea

And it wasn't. And it would never be a good idea either

9. When they ruin family photos

And your life

10. When they insist of doing things their way

Just because they were conceived before you

11. Because you're not the Olsen twins

And you know deep down, that your relationship would never be as good as theirs is.

12. Because you are always compared to each other

And you probably lose out everytime