14 embarrassing things to happen to you

Here are the most embarrassing things to happen to most people, but especially for teenagers who seemed to be surrounded by adults who don’t understand the modern world, or friends who just suck.

1. When parents don't understand modern life

It isn't that hard, seriously

2. When you have food on your clothes and didn't know

Until you got home...

3. Your friend tells everyone about something you did

That you really wish they didn't

4. When people bring up stupid things you did as a a child

Like it has any relevance anymore?

5. When you stutter and say the wrong word in front of your crush

Why am I still alive right now?

6. You accidentally call your teacher 'mum' or 'dad'

7. You're wearing the same outfit as someone else

And it is your birthday party

8. Your friend has a really annoying laugh

and they won't stop laughing

9. Your best friend accidentally sees your Google history

Yeah, nobody needs to see that

10. You're humiliated by the teacher in front of the entire class

11. Your friends find out who your crush is

Your life is pretty much over now

12. When your parents tell you that you're embarrassing them

13. Or if they show any affection in public


14. Being shown any pictures from the night before

Oh god this will be bad

What embarrassing things to happen to you have you had that you hated?