14 Lies your parents told you growing up

If you think back through your childhood you’re bound to remember some of these lies your parents told you growing up which you didn’t question then! It’s crazy to see how many you accepted!

1. "Oh, it's broken!"

2. "If you don't brush your hair flies will nest in it!"

3, "If you don't go to sleep, Father Christmas won't come"

4. Actually, everything to do with Father Christmas

5. "When the wind changes your face will freeze like that"

6. "It's spicy/not for children"

7. "It's chicken"

8. "It's asleep"

9. "That's hot!"

10. "The policeman will come"

11. "The lady/man will have a go at you"

12. "Place your tooth under your pillow for the ToothFairy"

13. "Eat your carrots or you won't be able to see in the dark!"

14. "It's all gone"

Do you remember some of these? Or do you think we are missing some? If so, comment below with those dreadful lies that your parents used to say.