14 times when spell check could have saved the day

Nothing is more embarrassing than spelling a word incorrectly, but in some cases the meaning is completely reversed. Here are some (rather cringy) mistakes when spell check could have saved the day. But if it did, we wouldn’t get to see these hilarious photos now would we?

1. Sure you do!

2. That doesn't seem good

3. This could cause problems

4. No idea what 80HD is, but it doesn't sound good!

5. This will hopefully deter shoplifting!

6. Erm...?

7. Some people just won't accept help when it is there

8. How could this happen?

9. That is unfortunate...

10. That doesn't sound nice

11. Interesting...

12. Sure he doesn't!

13. Bet they do!

14. Definitely need to practice that art!