15 people who are having a worse day than you

There are occassions when you just know it’s going to be a bad day, but if you ever feel like that in the future, look at these people who are having a worse day than you and you’ll feel much better!

1. The guy who forgot to check the lid on the paint

2. This guy running for his life from a... hippo

3. This woman who must be in a deep sleep

4. The guy who cleans this up

5. Someone cramping your style

6. Or when they invade your personal space

7. The person who fell asleep in the sun when they shouldn't have

8. Your day will never be as bad as this. Period.

9. The cow with wishful thinking

10. This OAP who forgot to look down

11. This elephant who is in a bad mood

12. When someone got a perfect photo of this moment

13. This guy who fell in the wrong type of bush

14. Three seconds after this photo...

15. This guy who was so hungry but the pizza failed him