15 Things that nobody understands about exams

Here are the common things that nobody understands about exams – and no matter how many of them that you actually take, they’ll never become clear anyway…

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1. That they hurt you

2. That they are literally impossible on occassion

3. The fact you hate it when people say 'try your best'

4. That they can make you lose it

5. And realise you don't need to sleep really

6. Why do I have to be with all these people in this room?

7. And why do I have to write on this small desk

8. Why do I need to learn so much?

9. How can he be allowed to pass?

10. Why do I need to think so much right now?

11. If there was a way out then why hasn't it been shown to me?

12. Why do they have to happen right after a break?

13. Why do they seem to pop out of nowhere?!

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What things do you think nobody understands about exams?