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15th Jan UCAS Deadline is now closed

15th Jan UCAS Deadline is now closed

15th Jan UCAS Deadline is now closed

The countdown has finished and the UCAS deadline for applications is now closed. It doesn’t matter if you were super-organised or a last-minute type of application, now is the time to sigh in relief. You did it! Hurrah! We have some advice if for some reason your application didn’t make the cut-off.


Each university is different and some have different deadlines. Contact the university and check if their deadline date matches UCAS, you could be in luck if it is after and can still apply. If the university deadline has closed still give them a call and find out their policy on late applications. Some universities still look at all applicants – even they are late! It doesn’t hurt to try to get a second chance!

Too late, mate

Now you have a bit of time on your hands. You can wait until clearing in August after A-Level results and try to get on a course with spaces left. Clearing is a great opportunity for anyone that receives grades lower than expected or anyone who missed the deadline. A lot of spaces become available also, with students picking one of their other choices. Don’t forget, if you also work hard enough, you can go through Adjustment and apply for a better University. Never say never!

Other options

During this time you can think about what you want to do for even longer. There may be a different area or degree that interests you, or even a combined degree that has two great subjects you enjoy. This time is perfect to attend open days to check out universities, or even think about taking a gap year instead!

The waiting game

If you did apply online you have the pleasure of waiting around to find out your offers! The deadline for universities to get back to you with their answer is May, so don’t sit tight yet!

Learn, learn and learn!

The best thing to do in this time is study. Whether you missed the deadline, received unconditional offers, taking a gap year or studying on the moon, those exams won’t pass themselves. So, spend the next few months revising and preparing yourself for your A-Levels. Go get revising!

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