16 best things about college

Every experience we go through has the ups and downs that we end up remembering forever, and now that summer is here we have the best things about college here for you to reminisce about the good times, which you have most probably shared with your best friend.

1. College provided you with making important life decisions

2. Every Thursday student night is like half term

3. You know that college will stay with you forever

Especially if you have to re-sit exams

4. Your bank account AKA the parents are there to help

But you're too afraid to ask for a statement

5. Your parents are starting to see you as an adult

6. You have many fulfilling experiences

7. You learn what works for you

And what clearly doesn't

8. You begin to understand referencing well

9. You become quite minimilastic

10. It gives you the chance to mix with all kinds of people

Very, very different people actually.

11. You start to understand that you CAN do everything

You just have to cut out sleep

12. You know that these will be a part of the best years of your life

And you don't think about that fact too long or you become depressed

13. You love the mixture of people in your class

And you realise that these fools will be around you for life

14. You still yourself as young as you feel

But, you actually aren't.

15. You learn that compromise is a part of every relationship

16. And if you get through College - you can get through anything

Now it is just time to go through it all again at university.

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What do you think were the best things about college? Let us know below