16 things you hate about school

What are the top things you hate about school? We have compiled a list that has affected, sadly, the majority of students around the world.

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1. Your parents being there at any time

2. When you wanted to throw it all in

But realised you would work in McDonalds

3. When someone was trying to be all deep

And you just wanted them to go away

4. When you felt like there was literally no point being there

5. When there were dicks around

6. When you had to use this crap paper

7. When you have to do an experiment just for the sake of it

The answer is even in the bloody book!

8. When you miss one day and takes you an entire year to catch up

9. The ideas that people come up with

And you have to pretend to go along with it during groupwork

10. When the weekend was a waste

And you have to wait another week entirely to try and rectify this

11. When there are stupid people surrounding you

12. When you have to work after lunch

Why have lessons in the afternoon? Surely that is nap time?

13. When that smart person is in every class

And you look like a toddler in comparison

14. When teachers had favourites

And it was so obvious

15. When everyday had some drama

16. When you had to go on pointless school trips

That would probably scar you for life in all honesty

What are the things you hate most about school?

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