16 times education has let you down

Even though education can set you up for life there are timed education has let you down, and we hate that, so we have listed them here!

1. When teachers ruin your stationary organisation

2. When it doesn't set you up for real things

3. When it is basically dead boring

4. When it is just a terrible quality altogether

5. When you question its motives...

6. When it feels like the teacher has a grudge

7. When teachers never tell you everything up front

Its always right before the deadline!

8. When they just don't listen to you

9. When teachers humiliate you in front of the class

10. When all they care about is... other classes

11. When they don't explain this to you

Like ever!

12. When teachers think they are important

And more important than you!

13. When education doesn't set you up for real life

Like what hashtags to use on Instagram?

14. When you know its that bad you don't even go...

15. When it becomes a hypocrite...

16. When you feel like it is pulling your leg

You're joking right? How is this lesson helping me in my life?

Do you remember a time when education has let you down?